Pre-Orders for G2 Start Tomorrow, Phone Hitting Stores October 6th

TmoNews is reporting that pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2 will start tomorrow for current existing customers. Thank you T-Mobile! The pre-order exclusive will extend to October 4th, just a few days before the official launch of the G2 on October 6th. Get ready folks, this is going to be one popular device!

Anyone picking one up? Let us know!

Source and Image Source: TmoNews

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  1. dr. droid
    September 23, 20:13 Reply

    awsome, so stoked for this. I will be on with magenta at 11:59 for this puppy.

    Waiting for the official froyo update for mt3g has taken forever for a vanilla android phone. Root is nice, but not the most stable experience in the world. I just hope this one will get gingerbread faster

  2. Joshesg1
    September 24, 03:31 Reply

    Ordered! Finally g1 you will be put to rest. Estimated delivery date from TMO 9/30/10 for my brand new G2!!

  3. Clorissa
    September 27, 08:18 Reply

    Yes yes yes! I’ve been waiting for this since well, the G1 came out haha. I’m preordering it on either the first or the second of the month. SO EXCITED. :3

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