Samsung Ireland General Manager: 10-Inch Galaxy Tab Launching in 2011

In a recent interview, Samsung Ireland General Manager, Gary Twohig let slip very casually that Samsung is planning to launch a 10-inch Galaxy Tab in 2011.  We are betting that Samsung can’t be happy with him!  Beyond what Twohig said, all we know is that the device will have a V8 JavaScript Engine and not much else.  Not really sure to think about this, but I am already a little excited.  Perhaps it will be running Gingerbread.  I guess we will find out in the coming months.

Would you hold off for a 10-inch tablet, or is the 7-inch Galaxy Tab big enough?  Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget

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  1. IDS07
    September 23, 09:55 Reply

    I would rather have the 10 then the 7, I want a tablet not a larger version of my phone (Vibrant)

  2. Elvis Marmaduke
    September 23, 11:37 Reply

    I’m all about the 10 inch baby! And who knows… maybe it’ll be dual core too haha *keeps dreaming*

  3. mikeeeee
    September 23, 11:47 Reply

    7″ is the ideal vehicle centric size.

    7″ google navigation device on my dashboard (google skymap woo hoo).

    7″ android for all mobile stuff and with the keyboard dock it rocks even more.

    if i need anything bigger it’s indoors and that’s laptop or desktop domains.

    only sniglet is will the vehicle charger carry it while on line and moving for hours?

  4. Jeff Shultz
    September 23, 12:14 Reply

    10′ is pretty much my minimum – I tried, briefly, smaller netbooks and simply couldn’t deal with that small of a screen for what I wanted to do.
    I do hope that they manage at least 1024-wide resolution, more would be better.

  5. Schwiz
    September 23, 14:01 Reply

    As much as I love android I don’t plan on buying any tablet smaller than my iPad

    • Mickey G
      September 23, 16:20 Reply

      Yeah, I tend to agree with you. A 10″ screen is worth having a separate device for.

      While I would like a built in SD card slot, I have the Camera Connection kit.

      If I need to connect to the internet, I tether from my Android phone.

      I can connect to a TV with the Component Connection kit.

      While I do prefer Android over iOS, I have found enough work around’s (Good Reader, Dropbox, Documents to Go) to carry the iPad with me instead of a laptop.

  6. Tim
    September 27, 15:03 Reply

    I prefer the 10″ version with Gingerbread, an OS specifically built with tablet support in mind. The 7″ would be barely acceptable if it supported high def (at least 720P).

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