Swiftkey Keyboard Exits Beta, Enters Android Market as Full Application

Swiftkey has exited beta and is now available as a full application in the Android Market.  They keyboard, which combines some seriously good auto-predicting and multi-touch goodness, will be available for only 0.94 cents for the time being.  This is a keyboard replacement you are definitely going to want to pick up. It’s the best I have used.  Even better than Swype in my opinion.

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Check out their site for more information.  Oh, and also let us know what you think of the final version.  I think it’s much better than the beta.

  • 0.94 cents? That’s less than one cent! What a fantastic deal! 😛

  • Given the price I picked up a copy on my HTC Desire. It’s not exactly a pretty keyboard compared to the Sense one, but so far I like what they’re trying to do. Won’t know for sure if I’m keeping it until I’ve been texting in fury for a couple of days 😉

  • Bassjunkieuk

    Been using the beta of Swiftkey for a while now having first tried Swype. Prefer SK as I found Swype often misunderstand my sliding! The predictive part is fairly good and the full version seems to add some extra gesture based features compared to the beta.

    A bargain @ 60p for those the opposite side of the pond 🙂

  • David

    Seems that not everyone will be able to get this app. Here is a quote from there FAQ page.

    “If you can’t see it in the Market, it means your phone does not support copy-protected apps (e.g. X10/ Droid X, or some modded installations of Android). This is a problem, as we’d love you to buy the app, but it may take us a little while to upgrade to a licensing model.”

    I do not know what this will mean for current beta users when the beta expires on Sept. 30th. I really love this keyboard and I am not really sure why Droid X (2.2) does not support so called copy-protected apps. Does anyone else have any info on this?

    • Christopher Pearce

      Are you saying, the Droid X does not support this app?

      ‘Cuz I just bought this app from the market, and it works brilliantly.

  • Ramon

    This keyboard is the best one I’ve used! I personally really like it. Would recommend it to anyone!

  • SwypeHater

    I have Swype and SwiftKey on my phone and I haven’t used Swype since I installed SwiftKey…

    Unlike Swype, I can’t comment on the quality of their support, because I have never needed to contact them.

    Swype, on the other hand, is bug-riddled crapware. Check out their own forum. There are multiple bugs with “no current solution” as the default response.

  • iy

    I like Smart Keyboard Pro.

  • Joe

    Was looking forward to getting the paid version after switching back and forth between SwiftKey beta and Swype. But its not showing up on the market for me. I have a rooted Droid1 with Ultimate Droid 4 ROM.

    • Slipped it in

      @Joe – That would likely be why it’s not showing up in the market.

  • Puppyduck

    we can’t access ANY paid apps at all in ireland 🙁
    been using Swiftkey for ages and it’s great once you get used to selecting the words – predictive is gone now so i uninstalled it… didn’t realise how RUBBISH the stock keyboard is on the N1, i’d love to find out how I can get the full version! can anybody help!!?