Last Night’s AGTN Droid-Cast

Well, we had an eventful night last night on the AGTN Droid-Cast.  We had a great cast and crew, a great turnout, and a great show.  However, I owe an apology to Nilay Patel from Engadget.

Nilay, while I do not agree with your post about Google, I certainly did not need to react to you like that.  So publicly, I apologize to you and our audience.  I lost my cool, and that was not….well cool.

Otherwise, it was a great show with Kevin Purdy from Lifehacker, Steve Kondik mentioned above, and a great showing from the community.  If you missed the show you can check it out by clicking here.  Thanks for tuning in, and again, I apologize for my lack of decorum on the show.

See you next week.

  • fitsnugly

    Ray “Mah Show” Walters FTW

  • Alex

    I have respect for you again, for apologizing. At least you’re man enough to do so because honestly you lost my respect when you flipped like that. Just completely sounded immature. I understand it was your podcast, but it was a debate and you could have handled it much better instead of heating it up. Maybe next time yous can have a mature debate and not get at each others throats. Just my opinion.

    • Ray Walters


      All points well taken friend, thanks for listening and I will certainly be watching how I roll on the show.

  • Eric Zdankiewicz

    That was very big of you Ray.

  • Passerby

    Just heard this, and while I understand your point of view that Google isn’t to blame, I think it would be a very sound move for Google to exert more authority over hostile bootloaders by withholding Google Apps licensing.

  • It seems like a lot of people are asking Google to make this or that happen… the one thing I hope people understand is that they’re asking the 900 pound gorilla to push his weight around. Yes, we’re asking them to enforce things that we want to happen, but at some point they’ll decide to make something happen that you don’t want, and at that point Google becomes Microsoft, becomes Apple, becomes just another big corporate entity.

    Loved last nights show though.

    • Usman

      Great point. What people SHOULD be considering before asking Google to become an enforcer, is to use their money to buy phones that aren’t locked down like Motorola has done, and send them messages explaining why you decided to go with an HTC or XXX manufactured phone instead. Enough people doing that, and they’ll change their tunes.

      IF that doesn’t work…then we might want to go after Google..

  • MrRossicoe

    I can see how you could have been aggravated though. Anytime someone tried to get a word in Nilay would cut them off and Wouldn’t stop talking, making it difficult for a positive debate. Personally I don’t think it is Google’s job to provide a stock image for each device to the users but it would be nice if all manufacturers had to. Google makes Android open and by being open it is open to whatever the manufacturer wants to do with it. If they want to try to lock their customers to only use the Roms that are released by them then that is their choice, Google gives them that choice. We know which devices are easy to deal with and which ones are easily brickable so if you want an Android device that you can easily hack then get one of those phones. There are numerous hardware options for the Android platform unlike IOS which is locked to only iPhone which is nowhere near as customizable as any Android phone even with a stock rom.

    • Bryan

      I agree completely, Nilay was rude and disrespectful to everyone else on the podcast.

      He was the only one cutting people off and talking over them, and needed to be called out on his behavior.
      It is good that you apologized for your reaction, I don’t want to say it was an overreaction because nothing less was getting Nilay to participate in a civilized debate.

      Even if he had a point, the way to participate in a discussion is to support your view with facts and be respectful of the other side’s viewpoint also. Nilay did none of that.

      I respect how you handled the issue and apologized after, on the other hand I have lost a lot of respect for Nilay based on his article and his behavior.

  • Tanner

    See, I think it’s funny, Nilays whole point was that Google touts it as being open, but it’s really not because the manufacturers are messing it up.

    This just demonstrates that the platform IS open when the carrier/manufacturor can do things that Google doesn’t want them to do.

    • Usman

      Interesting… so it sounds like what people REALLY want, is to be able to buy a “blank” handset, and load their own custom OS onto it.

  • Meko

    Personally I think Nilay has lost it.

    Google aside, he was off-base from the get go. He had NO backup. He’d been drinking while downgrading his X. He has serious trust issues with the Android community yet admires its strength and determination and feels compelled to take advantage of what it has to offer.

    The man is also messing with his ‘work’ phone. Not a testbed device. His actual day-to-day work phone and it happens to be the DX. The phone that most noobs to this flashing business should not be messing with.

    Why would he do this with all that he pointed out? I’ll tell you why. He’s like the rest of us propeller heads who use Android. He LOVES the fact you can do many different things with the openness around Android and its community. He realizes there is true value in the Google approach.

    He was completely illogical and even irresponsible in his overall though process. He had no plan. He had little to no experience doing anything like this on other Android handsets (or at least it appears from his writing). And finally, he wanted an axe to grind.

    My .02, but its shameless writing and even worse explaining on the cast last night. Google aside, the guy should rethink his style after this one!

  • Ian

    For everyone who didn’t listen to the podcast, there was talking over on BOTH sides so don’t make me qoute the actual spots where it happened.

    One thing that DIDN’T happen from Nilay was the insults and laughing and name calling. You guys were so unprofessional it was disgusting.

    Try and class it up a bit eh ‘douchebags’?

    • Androidboi

      I must agree that it was very unprofessional and I lost a lot of respect for the Android Guys Brand, but you (Ray Walters in particular) regained some of my respect for apologizing.

    • Usman

      You have to go to AC’s podcast for that, I guess.

  • I am not sure how anyone really understood what was being said. All I could hear were people talking over one another throughout the whole show. I listen to both the Monday and Thursday show every week, and it seems like the Thursday show is the only one with this issue. I will always continue to listen, but I wish you could fix this issue Ray.

    I do appreciate the show and all you guys have done for the community, its just hard to listen to sometimes.

  • I respect the apology, but ill go out and say the dude was acting like a total douche. He wasn’t letting anyone get a word in what so ever. If anyone managed to, he would cut them off and spit out his same answer again.

    Both sides had good points, but when a debate turns into an argument – its best left to end.

    To his defense though Im sure when you have Cyanogen arguing with him via Twitter, only to come on to an ANDROID FAN BLOG – that he had to have been on the defense.

    I just wish he knew how to properly debate so it didnt get into a big argument.


  • Tlag

    I totally agree with Ian ^. I had tuned in excited to hear cyanogen, and then thought it was cool that the Engadget dude called in, but I was disgusted with the immaturity of the group. Not sure how sincere the apology is, but I will never listen again.

  • royksopp

    Thanks for apologizing. I was seriously thinking about ditching the podcast from my queue.

    It’s kinda like hearing your parents fight. I like you, I like Nilay, I like Cyanogen, and you just wish it would have been at a 2 instead of a 10.

  • RedHotLava

    Hey guys, anyway you could improve the quality of the “Droid Casts” recordings…???? Other than that, you guys are a crack up, keep it up!