T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order Page Now Live!


T-Mobile is now officially accepting pre-orders for the G2.  The device is a little more than all of us thought, but still not bad.  That’s $249.99 before a $50.00 rebate, with the off-contract price at $499.99. Go and get it folks!

Source: T-Mobile

  • Except that it won’t actually let you pre-order a phone. You click the pre-order now button, log in to t-mobile and then it gives you a list of phones to select from that does not include the G2.

    • Guest

      Way to look into things once again androidguys!

    • Jack

      I have same problem… what’s the deal?

  • conor

    I just ordered mine and realized i made a mistake and did not choose 3 day shipping. When i called the customer service they stated that the 3 day shipping shouldnt even be on there because no matter what everyone is to get their phone on 10/6. They said it is a mistake, so if you paid the money for 3 day shipping and want it back give them a call, but they said you wont get your G2 any earlieer because you picked 3 day shipping

  • Just moments ago (about 3:50pm CT) I got an email alert from T-Mobile – My G2 has shipped!!

    UPS Tracking reveals delivery date of TOMORROW!!! Yes, my G2 should arrive 9/30/10!!!