LG Vortex in the Wild, minus FM Radio

The LG Vortex, that Verizon-bound Android device we told you about, has made another appearance. This time, the Vortex is without its FM Radio feature that was rumored to be included. But this isn’t that surprising when you look at the number of devices that have FM Radio capabilities in the U. S. On another note, it looks like the Vortex will use Bing search, similar to the Samsung Fascinate.  Most likely due to a deal Verizon inked with Bing.

The Vortex is still packing a 600 MHz processor, and according to our friends over at Engadget, it’ll be shipping with Froyo. These two things, combined with GPS, Bluetooth, and a 3.2-inch display make for a pretty decent handset. That is, if you can get over that whole Bing search problem. Still no pricing or launch dates, but keep an eye on AndroidGuys for the latest on this device. Anyone excited for this phone?

Source Engadget

  • mikeeeee

    i’m kinda excited about the t-mo version called the ‘optimus’ if it drops with UMA.

  • Jim

    Why does FM Radio keep being deactivated? Its a part of the phone, let user choose whether or not they want to use it!

  • Gwynne

    And like the Fascinate – no FM radio there, either, despite all the other Galaxy S phones having that as a feature. It is still listed as having one just about everywhere other than Verizon (engadget, wikipedia etc) and the info from the VZW website isn’t there any more. Suck. We sent it back and got an X instead when we couldn’t find the app.