Motorola XT720 Released on Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile has released the Motorola XT720, a high-end Android device.  Think of it as the Droid without the keyboard.   This phone has a 3.7-inch display with a resolution of 480×854, 512MB of on board memory, an 8MP camera.  I am really hoping this device will get upgraded to Android 2.2 in a few months and not left behind (it will launch with 2.1). It is a pretty sweet handset overall.   Check it out Wind Mobile customers! It is def worth a peek and possibly a purchase.

Source: Wind Mobile

  • Haydar

    Can I use it with tmobile 3G ??

  • Michal

    As a former cliq owner I would never trust Motorolla with software updates. They have a poor history of updating their devices.

  • terry

    wind uses the same AWS as tmobile us, so i should work with no issues

  • John Quinto

    Videotron ( had this since Sept 9th in AWS!

  • JTHC

    This looks like a sweet little handset… if only they put out a 2.2 update for it. Apart from that, yeah, a T-Mo-able Droid without the keyboard. And FM radio!