T-Mobile G2 Won’t Support Tethering at Launch

As many of you know, stock Android 2.2 supports tethering out of the box.  However, the folks over at TmoNews have discovered that while this is the case, the T-Mobile G2 will not support tethering at launch.  See T-Mobile’s official comment regarding this below:

T-Mobile does not currently support handset tethering or offer a tethering rate plan. Though tethering and Wi-Fi sharing will not be initially supported on the T-Mobile G2, we know that consumers are interested in these features and we are working to develop a solution to support them in the future.”

While this is disappointing, the good news is that T-Mobile appears to be working on a solution as they know people are very interested in this.  Let’s hope we all get to tether officially soon.

So folks, do you think this will happen?  Do you think G2 owners will ever get the option?

Source: TmoNews

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  • fatscooter

    Oh, it will get it alright, unrooted or otherwise.

  • I think its stupid these companies still think they are gonna get extra money for tethering. Should be a standard feature no extra charge.

  • Looks like I’ll be staying with the N1 after all. Works just fine on T-Mo

  • DaveC

    Although it’s not a feature I would use very often, it’s still disappointing to hear we are not getting true stock Android. I paid less than 40% of list price for my Nexus One. I may consider hanging on to it instead of selling once my G2 arrives.

    • Deus Invictus

      I agree. I don’t use tethering often on my rooted G1, but it does come in handy. This is a big disappointment for me. I don’t’ have a Nexus 1 (can’t stand software keyboard) and was really excited to be getting a stock high end keyboard phone. Now I find out it’s not truly stock, as they have removed this feature.

  • opiate46

    As I understand it this is gonna be Cyanogen’s new baby. I get the feeling that it will get all sorts of awesomeness.

  • Kevin

    Its getting CM6 as soon as its unboxed.

    • I think it will take Team Douche at least a few days after it’s released to port CM to it. 😉

      Personally as much as I was tempted to pre-order the G2 I will be waiting until it’s been rooted and there is word from Cyanogen that it will be rommable.

    • Randy


  • McG

    Sigh. This nonsense makes me rather angry. Google really needs to take the carriers to task and stop them screwing up a beautiful thing. I know Android is open, but Google has plenty of leverage. What is the point of announcing tethering, if practically every carrier disables it? I understand carrier fear that tethering could cause their networks to keel over and die, but honestly, there must be a better way to deal with that issue than a complete removal of the feature.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    Isn’t tethering a built-in feature for Android 2.2?

    • Slipped it in

      Yes. It’s built-in and completely removable. Most phones don’t use stock Android. The phone manufacturer modifies the open source version of Android to the carrier’s specs.

  • Rich

    This is like AT&T blocking non-market apps. That lasted all of 30 seconds. As soon as it’s rooted anyone and everyone will have the ability to use wired and wireless tethering.

  • Slipped it in

    T-Mobile doesn’t support tethering? Really? They may not have a special tethering plan, but they don’t block people from doing it if their T-Mobile branded handset already supports it (most do). The best part is, for the moment you don’t have to pay extra for tethering. You just need a regular data plan.

    As for the Nexus One, it was designed solely for Android developers, not for regular users. As a result regardless of which official Android version is running it has an alarmingly short battery life (10 hours MAX, even with light use), very fragile construction and worst of all it struggles with phone calls. If the bluetooth and wifi radios are both enabled at the same time it causes massive static when using a bluetooth headset. Furthermore, if the phone switches from 3G to wifi it disconnects the bluetooth headset requiring a trip into the bluetooth settings to reconnect it. This isn’t cool when my headset disconnects because I happen to be driving by a Starbucks and my N1 picks up a wifi signal.

    • My wife & I have had N1’s since launch (mine TMO & hers AT&T) and I have never experienced the issues your speaking on. The Battery life, yes is kinda short but I have The Car dock, the desktop dock, & The charger that came with the phone so the Battery life is a non issue for me. As far as the bluetooth & wifi issue, I use them both quite frequently & we have never experienced the “drop- out” issue you speak of. Our phones definatly are able to make/hold/recieve calls, & my wife has abused her N1 & it took a licking & kept on Ticking! I noticed alot of people with complaints have in the past &/or currently use modified ROMS on their units & the issues associtaed with that cannot be attributed to the device or Android itself, but to the devs who coded the ROM your using.

    • James

      My N1 lasts a full day with no problems, and it’s stock. It’s anything but fragile. My bluetooth and WiFi are enabled 24/7 and I have no issues. I use bluetooth in the car, in the N1 desktop dock and with a headset and I have no issues anywhere, even near a starbucks. I might suspect your bluetooth devices instead of your N1.

      • Slipped it in

        I’ve tried both my Plantronics Voyager Pro headset and my Parrot MK6100 car kit with a Samsung Captivate phone and have had zero problems. The bluetooth problems I mentioned only occur with the N1 phone when wifi and bluetooth are both enabled at the same time. This is with Android 2.2 build FRF91. I really wish the N1 performed better because it’s likely going to be first in line to get Gingerbread. My N1 also has problems with the touchscreen becoming unresponsive when running CPU intensive tasks like the Beautiful Weather live wallpaper. I find it very strange that a device like the Captivate with Android 2.1 can outperform the N1 running Froyo (not in benchmarks, but in actual use). If I use the N1 with Google’s car dock the phone becomes hot to the touch, also causing the touchscreen to become unresponsive. As for the battery life, my Samsung Captivate has about 60% of battery life by the end of the day while my N1 goes dead by then. The Captivate’s screen uses significantly more power than the N1’s.

        Now if someone could release GPS software comparable to Garmin’s Nuvi 855 in terms of features then Android would be perfect. Google Navigation STILL doesn’t automatically reroute around traffic and Telenav doesn’t support multi destination point routes.

        • Rigelian

          I’ve had my N1 since February. I’ve never experienced the problems you’ve described. Yes the battery life can be short, however, no problem when it switches from 3G to wifi when using my bluetooth headset. My phone isn’t fragile having dropped it a few times (Maybe I’ve been lucky). I have experienced a couple of occassions where the N1 got hot while in the car dock, but that is rare. I’ve traveled hours with the thing running as my gps navigator without any problem with overheating.

          Second, the N1 was not released as a developers phone, it was released as a consumer phone. It was later made a developers phone. One of the nice things about it is that it runs stock android.

  • sam

    Should be an easy problem to fix…………

  • Quentin Dewolf

    pdanet application does tethering both bluetooth and usb on a stock vibrant and it is available in the market now.

  • sophi

    well suck a butt. 🙁 i’m assuming this means no tethering for my t-mobile vibrant either.

    what really sucks is they’re piling on the garbage like some lame avatar app that i can’t install and that doesn’t do anything.

    so they’re adding shit i don’t want and taking out the shit i REALLY FUCKING WANT!

    way to turn android phones into iphones us carriers. now we have to root our phones to get the full android os…. sorta like how all my iphone friends jailbreak their phones to make them not suck.

    i just want to be able to tether my ipad to my phone over wifi. why is that too much to ask?

  • Dave U.

    I second all that!
    I had my eyes set on that device. But now, I’ll look else where. Who goes to market with half features, trickling updates here and there? Microsoft, you’re right! now T-mo is going to serve us with service packs too.

    Great market study for the competitors who will learn from that stupid move and launch their next new device the right way from the get go!

    I have stuck with T-mobile all that long, waiting for the right new device this year. But disappointment after disappointment is leading me to shop around now.

    I am glad I did not pre-order!

  • androidfeen

    Lmao yu guys are funny it does have tether smh I own a g2 and it tether lol I was using tether on my laptop with the g2 tmobile fuck yu for lien so much on this great device smh

  • androidfeen

    But yu know wat yu guys are plaim dumb and stupid for believe this, ok the device comes with froyo froyo has tether but yu can’t tether on this froyo device it makes no sense and I have debunked that claim it fucking tether for god sake!!!!