New Android Game “Kamikaze Race” to Integrate Cross-Platform Play

Until recently, cross-platform gaming seemed unthinkable.  However,  thanks to OpenFeint, it’s now possible. A new game is set for release in early October that integrates OpenFeint for cross-platform competition. Not much is known about this new game, apart from what we’re given in the press release. We do know that it’s called Kamikaze Race, and that it features a car with a stuck accelerator and no brakes in rush hour traffic. The only thing you can do is steer the car. The objective is simple: maneuver the car through traffic safely and don’t crash.

Kamikaze Race is developed by, who also makes games for PS3, PSP, and iOS. This means that you can own your iPhone friends at Kamikaze Race to your heart’s content. Oh, and did we mention that this game is absolutely free? That’s right, we said free. No word on an official release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

Who’s excited for this game?

Press Release

  • Raging Thunder 2 has had cross platform multiplayer for, you know, ever. So unthinkable might be a bit of an overstatement :).

    Really diggin Open Feint though.

  • Actually Skies of Glory is also cross platform too, I believe.

    • Yes, it did. I was about to mention it 😉