AT&T Training on Galaxy Tab, a La Cart Pricing Revealed

We got a tip earlier this morning from an A&T source of ours who tells us that the carrier has been conducting training for the Galaxy Tab.  According to them, they company aims to be first out of the gate with pricing and availability.  We’re also hearing some preliminary pricing on the a la cart data pricing.  We’ll go ahead and say it – they flat out stink.

Would you consider any of these?

  • $15/100mb for 1 day
  • $30/300mb for 7 days
  • $50/1gb for 30 days

I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously hope these aren’t final.  Otherwise, we’ll likely be looking elsewhere for our a la cart plans.  The idea of a contract for a tablet simply doesn’t appeal to me.

  • NiiDiddy

    Doesn’t appeal to me either. Contract pricing on tablets just doesn’t make any sense. I wouldn’t mind buying one from a retail store (not necessarily the Galaxy Tab, but future other tablets) and use it on my wifi or free wifi hotspots. I just refuse this whole contract thing with cell phone networks—ya got my $ already for data plans etc…now you want more. not my cuppa tea!!

  • “would you consider any of these”

    lol, no.

  • Jeremy

    The new 7″ archos tablet is looking better and better…

  • George

    As soon as the galpad is rooted and flashed with a rom that allows me to make calls, and do everything my cell can do, out goes my phones sim and into the tab it goes. Currently I am with t-mobile, data = 10gb a month at 3g, after that they scale it back to dial-up speeds, but it’s still “unlimited”, and from the looks of it the only truly unlimited plan out there. Currently I’m paying $165 for *two* lines unlimited everything (including tax). At a monthly rate, extrapolated, to equal out the 10gb from t-mobile, on at&t that would be $500, thanks but no thanks at&t.

    • CJ

      You are aware that Samsung is stripping the cellular calling options from the Galaxy Tab right? I’m quite there won’t be any hardware onboard that will make voice calls a reality, in other words, it’ll be a data only device like the iPad.

      • George

        We’ll just have to wait and see. Just like the Droid 2 had the hardware to do FM radio but it was disabled and recently enabled through software, hopefully this will follow the same lines.

  • MagicMike

    AT&T’s data pricing is ridiculous! Verizon will probably follow like a blind puppy as usual. Let’s just hope Sprint is once again the voice of reason (well, the best you can get at least).

  • Just looking at the iPad data pricing, it’s $25 for 2 gigs. I really doubt the prices mentioned above are accurate.

    When I was in Ireland over the summer, the data pricing was simple: 1 euro per day that you use data. So if you only use it on 15 days out of the month, it’s 15 euro. And it was unlimited. I would love to see something like this out here.

  • I think AT&T would have a winner if it let you share (with no extra fee) your forced smartphone data plan with a tablet. That way you could choose which device sucked up the data. This would be separate from the lame $20-to-tether fee. It would simply work for data the way voice works across phones in a family plan. Will AT&T do the right thing here? Not likely.

  • android_purity

    i think the whole “limit data usage per user” thing is stupid. wat about heavy users who use there phone away from work for email and such…..after u exceed ur limit ur forced to use lower speeds. dats bull crap. wifi for me

  • lenny

    I just don’t see too many people paying for a smartphone data plan and a tablet data plan. I also don’t see the “tethering” charge working out either. How many times do the carriers think they can screw us over?

    If you keep going back to the well, the well’s going to be dry.

  • Darkseider

    LOL! Nice data plans! FAIL. New Archos 10 inch, rooted with Android Market and tether through your Android phone if you want to be on the go. Other option is if you want POWWWEEERRR is to wait for the Folio 100 to get the full root treatment and the Android market and import one.

  • JTHC

    I think the best solution would be a Wifi-only pad and a 3G dumbphone that can bluetooth tether.

  • Lemuel

    Man I was really looking forward to get my wife an Android Tab but if they are planing on pulling this type of stunt forget it.

  • John Lane

    Looks like I’ll wait on one of the other Android Tablets. Having to buy through a carrier and the contract pricing for data is a no starter.

  • Brian

    They need to have the phone functionality in as well. It’s ridiculous that only the US version does not support it…

  • Broo

    Note to AT&T: The reason you can gouge us for data via SMS is we don’t see a $50 up front charge- $50/1GB is fracking INSANE.

    At that charge, it is worthwhile to buy a MiFi (or similar device) from Sprint/Verizon/Clear and use it for ALL the devices I purchase over the next two years…

  • dvd03

    After seeing the blackberry tablet this one looks dated already, I own a Samsung vibrant and love it but I wouldn’t buy a tablet and have to pay these crazy ass data charges, I would only get a wifi only version

  • Samsung had an opportunity to assert themselves leader of the Android tablet race. They blew it already. The price of owning these things are a joke. I’ll be waiting for HTC’s with Honeycomb.

  • paxmos

    Sammy must be crazy with all these prices and plans that have been rummoring around. I am out of this Samsung tablet game.

  • infinity0zero

    those are the final pricing for a pre paid data service which really have nothing to do with the tab.


    Actually, I think many will be very surprised at how affordable the TAB will be =)

  • david

    hell no.

  • D$

    Hahahaahahahahaa NO

  • hcho3

    Is that for domestic or international data plan? AT&T must be either… one of these two things.

    1) Consumers are stupid and they will pay anything we throw at them.
    2) iPad! Buy iPad, so we can extend contract with Apple.

  • mobcritter

    These are identical to Verizon Wireless’ current Prepaid data plans:
    Day: $15 = 100 MB
    Week: $30 = 300 MB
    Month: $50 = 1 GB or $80 = 5 GB

    I assume regular monthly (contract) svc will also be available, but who knows?

  • Infnity0zero

    The data plans for the galaxy tab will be exactly the same as the current ipad data plans.

    Everyone needs to relax the above mentioned rates are for a new pre paid data service

  • treyc

    i was planning on getting a galaxy tab. should have known att would do something like this. ill just wait till Samsung comes out with the wi-fi only version

  • Android Ninja

    Another dumb first move by AT&T. This is a chance for the other carriers to pick up some business.

  • J

    hmm, haven’t heard anything at work about this uptraining yet but I’m looking forward to get me off the phones for a bit