VOTE NOW: Would an Amazon Store be Good or Bad for Android?

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The Amazon store for Android apps is practically a certainty at this point.  NDA’s are being sent out, facts and figures are being whispered, and tech blogs are going crazy.  I know I have my own reasons as to whether this app store is good or bad for Android, but I wanted to see what you guys thought.  So why not turn it into this week’s poll?

Vote below and tell us what you think about the Amazon app store.  Is it good for Android or bad?  After you’re done, leave a comment below as to why you voted the way you did!

Good or Bad?

  • MagicMike

    Is this good for Android? Probably won’t help with app fragmentation and might lead to confusion about where to get apps. But at least it’s carrier independent. If Google is going to let Verizon get away with their typical exclusive shit and launch their own app store, then this is a good step toward killing carrier exclusive app stores. If Google isn’t going block them all, then I have to say this is a good thing given the situation.

  • Brad

    Yes because it will be cheaper than all it’s rivals and benefits from an already large customer base so will be widely adopted place for developers to post their apps.

    • while this is totally valid, I don’t see where the average individual will purchase so many programs that expense is a huge problem.

      I still prefer the try and buy method! I am 100% against purchasing something I cannot try first. I don’t care if it’s only $0.99, I want to know if it’s worth my dollar, if it will work properly on my device, etc. especially if I plan to part with many of them for one or repeated transactions.

      And I’m 100% FOR payment of something you like and would continue to use.

      That’s where so much money is stolen (people pay that buck and hate the program immediately and may not get their money back) all because they were unable to test it out. It’s a waste of money and it leaves a negative impression of the entire interaction.


  • competition is frequently a welcome thing, but not always. (domination is not) Since Amazon has such a large user base, it’s possible they could dominate the device program area (such as Apple does with Mobile Devices).

    THAT is bad because people may become stuck in the purchase they have made at said shop (losing freedom of direct developer relationship(s) in a sense) and more controls could be put in place (preventing developers from doing things they want for them or their users),… creating frivolous lawsuits where a non-corporate controlled entity may have developed something but the “BIG CORPORATION” has money to sue and will just squash any (if so desired) competition.

    Basically, I’m for the people (individual improvement), not the dominate (greedy) corporations.

    • Good point regarding the size of Amazon in this instance. Hopefully, if they turn out to be that evil, users and developers will stick to the more open existing Market.

    • Android_Purity

      as my user name says, im all about “android purity” so of course im against it…..i wont elaborate because the kind sir “TheColor” already did, and i completely agree

  • I would like there to be one application store for all applications, where developers and consumers get the best deal possible and no-one get’s ripped off. Unfortunately that’s not how things work and competition is the only way to keep companies honest.

    That said, and assuming that Amazon is not the only company that steps into the application store business, I do hate the idea of having to fish around in multiple markets for applications.

    There is an undeniable down-side for the users in the short term, but natural selection won’t kick in until there is more than one type of animal in the android market ecosystem.

  • I think an Amazon app store has a really good chance of success. Especially with good web integration. A lot of people already use AppBrain for discovery… I can see those people easily switching to Amazon to find apps and read reviews. And as long as you still get your update notifications, I don’t know that it matters much that it has to live alongside the Android Market.

  • Competition is generally a good thing. If nothing else it should stimulate Google to improve the app market.

  • TheDrizzle

    This is good and bad.

    Good – it will force Google to step up their Market if they want to continue to be a player in the market game.

    Bad – it will add to the fragmentation of Android.

    Personally, I don’t want to fish around two or three markets to find cool apps. This just makes it harder for me to support the developers.

    However, if AppBrain can integrate all the various markets I would end up just going there.

    This is better than an exclusive Verizon market, but I still don’t like the idea of multiple markets.

  • As much as I love my Android phone & Google, the Android Market is crap. I generally use AppBrain for app discovery, because finding an app without knowing its exact name is a fruitless endeavor in the default Market. Any challenge to the app marketplace can only be beneficial as Google is ironically not doing a lot to help in searching for apps beyond title matches. I don’t really care if Amazon’s store is successful or not, only that it lights the fire under Google’s ass to finally apply their search expertise to the Android Market – so in that regard, I see the Amazon store as a good thing. And if it’s better than the Android Market, well, then all the better for everyone involved, because then we get a better marketplace for purchasing apps! If someone wants their smartphone provider to tell them where to download apps, then they can get an iPhone and do what Apple tells them to do – for those of us adults who can make choices in our lives, this is good news.

  • George

    I think it’s a good idea. Bottom line for me is that I’m loathe to open up another online credit card account. That’s the reason that I’ve only downloaded free apps so far. But I’m already fully logged in with Amazon, so tossing a few dollars here or there for apps won’t be a big deal.

  • futurejohn

    The only problem, and it’s a big one, is if they make it exclusive to certain devices. This would cause people to miss out on exclusive apps just because they were only released in the Amazon app. If Amazon treats this at all like the Kindle platform then we really don’t have anything to fear.

  • Aimless_E

    Google is still resistant to allowing the market on non phone devices. And we are starting to see a slew of devices powered by android but unable to access one of the most basic features of the OS. I completely understand why Amazon would opt to make their own app store. Think about it they sell or are pre-ordering several Android tablets that dont have access to the market but are fully capable of running any of the applications on it. Amazon can give them their app store and BANG! now these less known, less expensive devices can have (to some degree) the same experience as the big boys. No one likes fragmentation but thank goodness Google allows it because if they didn’t we may as well be using iOS.

  • Rei

    going to turn into more shitty bloatware on the android

  • Darkseider

    I don’t see how this will fragment Android? If anything it will just add more value to the platform. Multiple payment methods, available globally and installable as an .apk. Take Mikandi as an example of how this should be rolled out. So you can in essence have the Android market and VZW market as part of the base markets already on the phone as is already present on Verizon handsets. Then install the Amazon market and whatever other market you want. Each market will have its’ own appeal and accordingly some exclusive applications that will draw customers in. When you go to a mall you don’t buy EVERYTHING in Macy’s? You get something from one store and then another. Each store offering something the other doesn’t have or an equal product at a better price. This will foster innovation and in doing so better applications and a better all around Android experience.

  • Peter

    I had high hopes but since it is being reported as US only I guess there will just be high disappointments instead. How hard is it for mega sized multinationals to support a decent range of countries.

  • Jonathan

    All I care about is the devs & them not making exclusive apps for certain companies, for example verizon will definitely make apps that only run on there phones & maybe even make devs sign exclusivity deals for only verizon. That’s what could happen with amazon we might start seeing less & less apps on the market because these companies might start making apps only for there app store, then the way things are going they’ll even make there own phone? I went too far on that lsat one but it is happening. All I’m saying is as long as I still have all my apps at the app market &i don’t have to buy the app at a specific store & google doesn’t do anything about it I’m going to wp7. Just look at linux with all the distros, there all good but all the programs can be downloaded threw repositories, there’s some apps that do that for android but all the apps are unpaid for witch is not good for the future of our apps & making sure devs don’t go somewhere else. It took long enough for us to get people to start making decent apps, but they’re trying to….i gotta go to work.

  • Rob

    Yes it’s a good thing on balance. There are downsides too, but nothing outweighs the impact of pushing more innovation with android markets. The current marketplace is so bad it’s almost as if Google is doing it on purpose.

  • Linuxluver

    Provided it’s just one more market we can all choose to use, I think it’s great. But if it’s an attempt to lock up users for ticket-clipping purposes…..then NO THANKS!

  • Wrinkliez

    Good. I’m tired of seeing porn and tetris clones.

  • ummm it will be good but cant you just go on the amazon store on your like the website i mean then the app would not make a difference because you can just get the amazon mobile app i mean really just think bout it