7-Inch Dell Tablet Due “Within the Next Few Weeks”

Remember the 7-inch tablet teased just last week by CEO Michael Dell?  It’s coming soon.  Like in the next few weeks, soon.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Dell plans on releasing the 7-inch model very soon, with a bigger (10-inch) version over the next 6-12 months.  It’s widely assumed that the Looking Glass will be the next unit out the door.  We’re also getting our first mentions of a three and four inch “tablet” from Dell.  This sounds a lot like an Archos playbook with multiple products as part of a line of Android-powered devices.

Anybody out there excited about more Dell tablets?  Do they have the makings of a leader in the tablet space?

  • Based on their offerings to date I predict it will run Android 1.5 (or 1.6 if we are lucky) and will use proprietary connectors so we will need expensive cables and docks for charging, data transfer and video output.

  • Steve G

    New deivce, old story? They drove fans up with the Streak only to lead them all over a cliff with what it offered, it was beyond sad and the Streak was less than impressive. Dell screwed up so bad they tried marketing to the medical industry. As if! The medical industry depends on “working” forms of communication and dont have time to mess around with buggy equipment or operating systems. That bright idea probably came form the same person who decided to release it with 1.6. Dell really messed up big in my view so I’ll take a back seat on the release of their so-called new tablet.

  • I guess I’ll start caring if it actually happens. Until then I’m not putting much faith into Dell. If it comes out and is awesome, I’m sure I can change my mind.

  • With the recent flurry of products that open up the iPad system to enterprise developers, t (see iOptimal.com), Dell and the other new tablet competitors are going to have a harder time competing with Apple.

    The window is getting smaller.

  • fingersmalone

    I think they are serious and will come to the front of the pack of ‘also ran’s – in the next 3 months – don’t write them off , they know they have screwed up in the past with over promising and caused lots of heads to shake with their ‘non deliveries’ – I think dell have loaded their boat with some new weapons in the software world that will turn everyone’s heads!

    They know the market and the stockholders have lost a lot of faith – they wouldn’t be making all sorts of ‘in the next few weeks’ type comments unless it was real !!