Altek Leo Official with 14MP Camera

Taiwanese digital camera maker Altek, has announced the release of their 14-megapixel Leo handset.  According to Altek, and our exhaustive memory, this marks the first device to feature such a high resolution camera. Running Android 2.1 under the hood, the Leo boasts a 3.2-inch WVGA touch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and HSUPA connectivity.  Altek expects to launch the Leo early next year (Q1 ’11) but is seeking channel partners in the European market.  Source and full press release courtesy of Android Authority.

  • The name’s already taken, the HTC HD2 (which can be hacked to run Android 🙂 ) is codenamed Leo.

  • Linuxluver

    Probably best to think of this as a camera with a phone in it.

    I do most of my photos on my phone these days…and the quality of the camera and lens is becoming an issue. I also can’t bear to use an ‘unconnected” camera anymore as it requires connecting to a PC, copying files off, then some post-processing of the images i’m interested in. On my phone, I can take the pic, “share it to Picsay Pro for manipulation / altering / improving / whatever…and then email, tweet, MMS or whatever…..right away. No delays. From anywhere.

    The Altek Leo should bring this to a camera…..Seeing it like that….and this could be awesome.

    • max nicks

      Yeah, sure. Go take a picture with a measly 5MP Nikon D70 and compare the image to your 10-20MP point and shoot. 5MP will look better every time. Especially when you blow the picture up. It’s not just the pixels that matter. Just as important is the CMOS sensor which is what actually captures the image. A little phone has an even smaller sensor…’nough said.

  • Anonymous

    The comparison here is to the ordinary cameraphones where the 8$ plastic lens system with tiny sensor is nothing compared to this one.
    Naturally it would ne great if, say, Sony would gives us noth a real system (low & high end) with different lense and a prosumer versions each having a smartphone tucked into the “viewfinder” 3.5″ 800×480 LCD. I would buy a light prosumer version or this Leo since I’m not a pro phpotographer. Whatdoyathink?