Google Maps for Android Updated to 4.5.1, Weather Added to Live Wallpaper


Guess what? Google Maps just got updated to add weather to the live wallpaper. Noticed it on my market. Small update, but still pretty cool.  Using it right now and it seems like it will be useful.  Check out in the market folks! Let us know what you think!


  1. Great concept, seems to take a little more of the battery away using the live wallpaper but not to bad. I cant get the weather info to come up unless I scroll all the way to the left then a banner drops down and retracts right away with the wrong city weather info. Any help with this.

  2. this is a truck driver’s dream.

    imagine having a device that shows where the storms are in tornado alley in real time?

    imagine having a weather map to consult when driving in possible icy weather?

    it’s also a motorcycle rider’s dream too.

    google’s weather overlay is tons better than weather channel or weather bug.

    one more reason i dumped my cliqXT.

  3. I feel jelious, that it is for andriod not for symbian series, I will wait for that day when I will use this virsion.