I Spied an Unreleased Motorola Smartphone, But Which?

It looked a lot like this...

Chicago is a great city. It is home to deep dish pizza, six of the ten tallest skyscrapers in the United States, the Monsters of the Midway and Wrigley Field. It is also home to Motorola. Yes, Apple is not the only handset manufacturer located in the United States. The StarTAC, the Razr and the Droid were all imagined, designed and developed right here in Chicago.

While riding on the ‘L’ in July, I spotted an individual using a certain 4.3″ handset a few days before its release. An unsuspicious individual was using a Motorola Droid X in plain sight of fifty other passengers. I was certainly surprised. Yesterday, while on the bus, I encountered yet another unreleased Motorola smartphone. The phone said Motorola across the top near the earpiece and appeared to feature the original flavor of MotoBLUR. The phone was running a live wallpaper and included a front-facing camera. The phone had a rounded shape, similar to that of the Samsung Instinct HD, and featured three touch-sensitive buttons along the bottom: a “back” button, an “application” button and a “home” button. The back of the handset transitioned from a shiny metal to a faux leather, similar to a combination between an iPod Touch and the back of the original BlackBerry Bold.

As I disembarked the bus, I asked the individual about the phone he was using. He informed me that he worked for Motorola and was using an unreleased smartphone. He said the phone featured a 3.5″ screen and would be marketed toward women. I was not allowed to take a picture of the phone, but it is only a matter of time before we see some photos of this mysterious Motorola phone in the wild. As always, stay tuned to AndroidGuys.com for more details and information!

On the other hand… do you have any idea what we could be expecting?  T-Mobile has at least one other Motorola device slated for this year.  Might it be this one?

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  1. matt hatter
    September 29, 10:07 Reply

    I understand that Motorola is making a dark phone for T-Mobile of the superphone category to be released in Q4 – an no it’s not the defy.

  2. mikeeeee
    September 29, 11:43 Reply

    you should have bought the guy some donuts.

    donuts are the best interrogation tool.

  3. MN
    September 29, 13:24 Reply

    @mikeeeee No kidding. I’m from and live in Chicago. Kyle – did you learn anything from Blago (insert sarcasm). Slush funds, under the table transactions, etc. to get the info out of him or he deals with waking up with a horse head in his bed!

  4. Drew
    September 29, 13:56 Reply

    Uh.. I’m not sure this would be a phone for Tmobile. We at Tmobile are more in the habit of giving our consumers just pieces of phones, not whole phones. You see, we have to keep their plans low, and how we do that is bid on phones that were designed last year and have them just put our logo on there. Unfortunately when we release the phones, everything is already out dated. However, that’s the price you pay to keep it cheap! What? Oh, yes we do value our customers, and retention is a big part of our business model, but as I said.. that’s the price you pay to keep it cheap! Front facing camera.. maybe next year.

    • The Dude
      September 30, 01:13 Reply

      Im not exactly sure how true that is. Y’all are getting the G2 and its not exactly outdated….

      • Michal
        September 30, 13:52 Reply

        The G2 has last years hot CPU.

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