Calling all Android users on Verizon!

Getting tired of being left behind for the next Android phones or are you like me and just want a new phone ever six months or so?  If so, check this out.  Verizon has just launched a new trade-in service for any phones from any carriers.

I just tried it out using my original Droid and the net was $52.  Not a ton of money obviously but every bit helps when working towards the newest device.  Verizon will send you a self-addressed envelop for the unit and upon receipt you will be shipped a Verizon gift card for the total amount.

  • For $52 I would have bought your old Droid.

    • Rob

      $52 for my old Droid? $8 for my BB Storm? Seems like you’d have much better luck on craigslist or ebay.

  • Nick

    I have always used I always got top dollar for my iPhones and the Droid is still listed at $155. Its a good thought for VZW but you can get more for your money elsewhere:

  • Chris

    Sell that shit on Craigslist, there are lots of little teenie bobbers and people who broke their phones that will buy that stuff at retail!

  • It seems like there’s always cell phone companies who are looking for used cell phones – so it might pay to ‘shop around’ to see who is going to give you the most money. I found a couple of companies here – who will take cell phones and give you cash as well, no matter what cell phone carrier you have.

  • John

    As a lot of people have said, eBay and Craigslist are far, far better options. I sold a two year old, broken BB Curve 8320, for $96…

  • Greg

    They said they’d give me $20 for my touch 3g craigslist $100

  • Forrest

    $120 for the Droid Eris?!? And only $72 for the Droid2?

  • But how can you get out of the existing contract? I tried to switch from Incredible to Droid X but the rep said I can’t do it. I am just using Verizon for the past four months.

  • Alan

    Or you can sell it for $128 at With the exception of my old iPhone 3G that went for more unlocked/jailbroken on eBay, I’ve sold all of my old phones to them. You won’t get as much for it as craigslist/eBay, but it’s zero hassle.

  • Yeah, this may be all well and good, but it doesn’t get me out of my 2 year contract with my Eris.

    The website states:

    Do not trade in devices that are to be returned under Verizon
    Wireless’ Return and Exchange Policy, Warranty, or
    Extended Warranty programs.

    Doesn’t sound like they are letting people out of their contracts just yet.

    @$%*&@# Verizon…

  • vitsdroid

    It’s a huge rip off with verizon. Try they will give you way more for your droid. They also ship you a free box and you have an option of getting a check or into ur paypal. I sold my palm pre plus to them for more than I could have sold it net at ebay. Ebay and craigslist works too, but if you don’t want to deal with people was by far the best option. I hate it when companies like verizon charge up the ying yang for a phone and then rip people off who don’t know anybetter when they trade up. I bought a droid 1 on craigslist for $100 a few weeks back. Anyway there are way better options to getting rid of ur phone and getting cash.

  • JTHC

    $81 for my Vibrant? Hahahahha

  • Haggie

    You know how to spot a scam? When the “payment” is in the form of a gift card.

    “We’ll give you money, but in a form that is rather difficult to access and hope that you forget about it completely thereby adding our profitability.”

    Send me a check or piss off.

  • paxmos

    What a rip off. My 3 weeks old Samsung Vibrant is estimated for $80 on Verizon site…highway robbery.

  • Lank

    I find the comments here hilarious.

    1.) Verizon is GUARANTEED going to buy your device. This means they are going to pay for it at a high percentage under value. It’s just like any scheme where someone will guarantee that they’ll buy your car or house….you’re not going to get NEAR what it’s worth. If you have the time, knowhow and patience, then CL or ebay is the way to go. Otherwise, this is a reasonably good program.

    2.) Of course selling your phone doesn’t get you out of your contract. No one claimed it would. Throughout the course of your contract, you can have any and as many phones as you’d like…provided you pay full price for them or acquire them from some non-Verizon store.

    I personally would never use this service, but I feel like many of you are jumping on the idea that it’s a scam…it’s not. It’s a program where they GUARANTEE the sale of your device, HASSLE FREE….that comes at a steep price.

    But yeah, $140 for my Dinc so that I can get a DX for $570? Not happening.

  • This is such a crock of crap. is offering double what VZW is wanting for my Droid.

  • Sid

    This makes no sense. My Eris was appraised for $132. That’s more than the original price.