December 20, 2014

Cellphone Radiation Detector Rejected by Apple Comes to Android

Even as Android users, most of us have become familiar with the harsh requirements of the Apple App Store.  Rejected App Store applications routinely find a place in the Android Market, and Tawkon Radiation Detector is no exception.

After a year of development, Tawkon claims that it allows you to see your mobile’s radiation output and limit your exposure if need be. Tawkon’s additional features include real-time exposure feedback, a notification icon, personal stats, and a prediction mode.

Tawkon currently only supports the Galaxy S line of phones, and is available for free in the Market.

  • Darkseider

    LOL! So what next? The tinfoil hat to protect you? You have a better chance of getting skin cancer from prolonged exposure to the sun than having a cell phone irradiate you. What a joke. You can thank new California laws for this absolutely ridiculous and useless app.

  • Kevin

    I’ll have to agree with Darkseider on this when I ask, “Is this app really absolutely necessary?”

    Now if I worked with Homer Simpson at the nuclear reactor, THEN I might download this app.

  • Better think twice

    You might want to research this before coming to conclusions.
    Try this. Go to google scholar and enter the words: “radiation cell phone mobile”
    You see a number of studies in peer reviewed journals that indicate there’s a real danger.
    It exposure and risk understood well? I doubt it. Is it a concern? Make your own conclusions.
    Better safe than sorry, in my estimation. We all have different genetic makeup with different predispositions. The jury is not out on this one yet.
    You may be interested in checking out the EWG information site too:

    I am actually quite interested in getting a cell phone that minimizes radiation exposure and would be the first in line to buy it. I was going to buy an iPhone, but the rejection of this app will likely lead me to the Android.

    Here’s one more mainstream medical center pointing out that the data isn’t in yet, hasn’t been analyzed, and you can minimize your risk in various ways.

    Please don’t let a young child use this –especially close to his or her head–use speaker phones.
    Oh, and men, you get radiation exposure when the phone is one in your pocket. If you want a little one you might want to turn it off:
    Note the study indicates changes in macroscopic qualities; things like DNA fragmentation aren’t addressed. Certainly that could be an issue too.

  • Spencer

    Feel bad about the rating…people don’t read that its only fir galaxy s then give it one star