Rumor: T-Mobile Project ‘Begonia’ to be Motorola Cliq 2

You may recall that way back in July the folks at AndroidSPIN were able to get their hands on a copy of T-Mobile‘s year end roadmap.  Among the listed Android devices were two from Motorola.  With one handset (Jordan) already accounted for in the Motorola Defy, the other has yet to be figured out.  According to Engadget, the Project Begonia phone will be the T-Mobile Cliq 2.  Faithful AndroidGuys readers will undoubtedly remember us breaking the news that T-Mobile had trademarked name of Cliq 2 back in mid-August.

So now you are wondering what makes the Cliq 2 so special? According to Engadget’s source this will be an Android 2.2 device with the MOTOBLUR user interface.  It will feature UMA calling over WiFi as well as 3G mobile hotspot support and the keyboard design is “one solid piece” that is done in an “interesting” way.  Other than that, your guess is as good as ours.

Who is excited about this?  Anyone?  Or did we lose you the second you read MOTOBLUR?

  • Mike Funk

    As a motoblur phone owner, definitely NOT interested. It may say “android 2.2 device” but with motoblur it’s likely any update that comes out for android will take forever to get on that phone, if it even gets ported ever. I’d rather have a phone that’s forward compatible than some “interesting” one-piece keyboard.

  • Al

    You lost me when you said Motorola, i am finally free from my cliq by switching to the G2. There is no way I would ever go back to a Motorola phone ever. I would rather a winmobile phone that way I know to expect crap.

    • Jesse Cruz

      I have a Cliq. I was waiting for the update, but took too long so I rooted and installed the “barely blurred” 2.1 ROM and now it works 20x faster than when it was running motoblur 1.5. I get over 12 hours of battery life, but I would still love to get rid of this phone and get a better phone like the G2.

      @Al: How much did you pay for the G2? I called Tmo and they said I dont qualify for an upgrade or an early upgrade (semi discount). So I would have to pay full retail which is 499 i believe. I don’t qualify for the full upgrade untill 9/2011 🙁

  • Darkseider

    MotoBlur.. blech. Here’s hoping for a quick root, rageagainstthecage anyone? Then a nice solid AOSP 2.2 build or a tweaked and De-Blured stock ROM. At least then the phone would be useful.

  • A.B. Dada

    Cliq 1 owner here. No more Motorola *anything* for me. On my 3rd device, it’s a piece of junk. I use 5 Android devices total (Archos 5IT, Nook, Cliq, G1 and a Vibrant) in my household/office, and Moto is by farthe worst manufacturer.

    I have friends who rely on me for tech advice. I always say “No Motorola” even if they’re asking about dishwashers or vacuum cleaners — just to hammer it into their skulls.

  • Hurracayne

    I feel good that I found a sucker to unload my Cliq on for more than I payed for it

  • Michal

    Had a Cliq. Worst purchase ever.
    Motorolla means you will get late updates, especially when it is not a flagship product.
    Motoblur, means it will be a piece of shit and stay that way forever.
    The original cliq has similar hardware to the droid has one of the best hardware keyboards but it is still on 1.5.
    When I installed a blurless rom onto the cliq it was a very fast cell phone.
    Furthermore, It seems like all these social integration features are designed for people with about 10 facebook friends. Probably because it was designed by people with 10 friends. So your phone sucks in a worthless manner.

    Currently I have en EVO with cyanogenmod. HTC has been great. I still have the original G1. It makes me feel nostolgic. All the new samsung galaxy phones have been badass especially the sprint and verizon versions. (no camera flash! on the at&t and t-mobile versions).

  • opiate46

    Yeah I’d definitely say Moto has some serious balls to release another Cliq after shafting all the previous Cliq owners. I’ve been frantically trying to hunt down some sort of replacement for my girlfriend because she’s still stuck with shitty 1.5. Moto sucks.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Hey! It’s that Cliq OS upgrade they’ve been promising! Wow, and 2.2. Not bad.

    What? A whole ‘nother phone? Wow, what a big F.U. by Moto.

  • justified

    why is that verizon get the good motorola phones and tmo get shafted.

  • Laura

    I was one of the suckers that bought the cliq xt a few months ago being told by the Tmobile rep that the update would come out in June. Instead, I had so many problems with the phone itself that after only 7 weeks and numerous calls to Tmo, I called to just cancel my contract and pay the $200 ETF to move on over to Verizon and the sweet HTC phones they have. The rep offered me a free mytouch 3g 3.5 so I wouldn’t cancel after 11 years with them. I like the mytouch and have had absolutely not one problem with it. I am, however, dismayed with the lack of an update from 1.6 to at least 2.0 from HTC. I’ll give them another few weeks to see if they will update the mytouch. If not, I already have my eye on another phone with another carrier.

    As far as Motorola, I would never, ever, buy another product of theirs again because of the total disregard and slap in the face they have done to their customers. I tell everyone I know shopping for phones to bypass anything Motorola. So far, 8 people I work with have gone with an HTC product and all from Verizon.

    Reading this article just adds fuel to the fire. How dare Motorola roll out another Cliq when they haven’t updated the cliq and cliq xt yet. Wow, Moto has some big kahuna’s to do that!

  • Ben

    I think my feelings have been summed up by other commenters. You lost me when I read “Cliq”. We are still running 1.5, and the Android 2.1 update has been like a carrot dangled on the end of a stick

  • Derrick

    They really should pick a different name, if anything just for their own benefit. Anyone googling cliq is going to realize what a tremendous piece of shit the first phone (and the company that made it) is.