StartTalking lets users send texts by voice all without touch

Per this post in the USA Today, the StartTalking by AdelaVoice app is available the Android Market now or you can download here.  According to the presser, the application will allow the sending of text messages with voice even when the screen is dark.  Just start talking.

“StartTalking is billed as the world’s first smartphone app that lets motorists keep their eyes glued to the road and hands upon the wheel when composing a text. The company claims that unlike other text messaging apps that require you to peek at or touch the handset at some point, StartTalking is all voice-controlled all the way. There’s no need to open any app or navigate menus. It can even operate when the phone screen is dark or the keypad is locked You simply bark out a pre-assigned name to “wake up” the phone and start StartTalking. Following audio prompts—”Speak to create a text message for Ed or say ‘cancel,'” you can dictate and properly route your message. StartTalking can play back texts too.”

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  • How does it compare to Text Bot?

    • david

      Not very good on Vibrant..other than what time is it, 90% wrong words…even with ChompSMS removed both and using Google much better and no extra apps to add…

      • Sean

        Start Talking works great. The only proble is with one friend who has a very hard name to pronounce, but I gave him a nickname and now he works. I was suprised how well it works in the car, even with the radio on.

        • Thanks for the helpful tip. We added nicknames for this exact purpose. When you have a complicated name, our system has to kind of guess at the pronunciation – which most of the time is correct but can easily be wrong too. As you pointed out, by assigning a nickname with a well known pronounciation, you can get around this issue.

      • David,

        I am the CEO of AdelaVoice, the publisher of StartTalking. Not sure why it does not work for you on the Vibrant. If you get a chance, I would really appreciate if you could contact – our support site. I will do everything I can to try to get the Vibrant up and running.

        • CHUCK COOPER

          I have Verizion service and the incredible phone on 2.2. I downloaded software but at best only 20 % of the time will it work!! Wish it worked better??? IDEAS !!!! PLEASE HELP

  • Sam Herren

    Yeah, I just tried it on my Droid X. It worked fine 90% of the time then all of a sudden it quit and would not start back up. I went to their website and others have had the same issue on Motorola Droid devices. Oh well….uninstalled.

    • Sam, my main phone is the DroidX and StartTalking works quite well. If you contact us at, I will make it my personal mission to get your phone working properly. In any case, thanks for giving StartTalking a whirl.

  • Randy

    I wonder how this app affects battery performance if its always listening. I have to imagine it has a pretty hefty impact.

    • Sam Herren

      Yeah, probably best to have power source when driving.

    • Randy, our tests show that StartTalking consumes less than 4% per hour of your phone’s battery when actively in use. We conducted this test by measuring battery drain on a DroidX (and other phones too) for three hours with our application running, and then three hours without our application running. The difference in battery power remaining was consistently less than 12% (over the 3 hours, leading to the 4% per hour number).

  • Laura

    I was very excited about this app and immediately tried to download it. It kept saying not found so I went to their website and found it will only work on 2.0 and higher. Since I am still (patiently) waiting for HTC to update the mytouch 3g 3.5 from 1.6 to at least 2.0, I guess I will have to wait…..and wait…..and wait……and wait.

    • Unfortunately, StartTalking only works with Android 2.1 and beyond. In fact, it works best on 2.2 because of certain integration issues associated with Google speech rec. Keep us in mind if you upgrade your phone.

  • I am the CEO of AdelaVoice, the publisher of StartTalking. Recently, as in yesterday, we released StartTalking – the first fully eyes and hands free text messaging application. The application is free and currently in open beta. Although we tested the app on dozens of phones, we expect there are some phone models / configurations that may experience glitches. You have my personal committment that we will be very responsive to any issues our users encounter. Please visit if you do experience problems.

    I am a big fan of androidguys, and will visit frequently to provide input to anything regarding StartTalking. Also, my sincere request of all of you is that you don’t text and drive, it is just plain dangerous.

  • Steve Stair

    Is there a way to exit StartTalking? I was trying it out, and it works pretty well, but I was running low on power and couldn’t find any way to turn it off (except for rebooting).

    • Steve, if you turn off the listen mode, the app is essentially off and uses no power (because android / linux swaps out the remaining process). However, we have heard your request from many folks, and we will provide a complete ability to shut down the app and background service in our October 15, 2010 update.

      Thanks for using the product, and for the feedback.

  • Kuriandungu

    Hi. I downloaded start talking on my nexus but havent been able to get it to read my messages. I’m on a Cynaogen mod build (RC3) and it simply wont read out my Sms’s or even tell the time. I can tell the app undestands for example when i say, “operator what is the time” because it displays the time is xx.xx on the conversations log.
    My phone is not on silent and i’ve checked all the volume settings using an audio manager. I can only suspect the problem is the CM6 build.(although i’ve not had any issue at all with any other app).
    Any suggestions….anyone?