This Week on AGTN!

This week on AGTN, we are super excited because this is the Big Android BBQ Pre-Game show!  This evening two of our co-hosts, Aaron and Kyle will be LIVE in Austin as they prepare for the event.  Joining them will be various people who will be arriving at the event, plus several sponsors including Texas Instruments and Adobe will be with us live talking about the BBQ.

Ray and his crew will be live as well, talking with David from T-Mo news about the newly dropped G2.

Make sure to join us TONIGHT at at 9:00 PM CST!

  • RGG

    Why do the BTR files sound so awful compared to the itunes or ones dowbnloaded from other sources? I listen to podcasts daily and the only ones I have not been able to migrate off my ipod are the ones from BTR.

    The irony is that I am unable to listen to the AGTN podcast on my Captivate. I have to listen to it on my iPod Touch because of the distortion. Is it possible to download a less compressed version of the podcast?

    It isn’t just you guys. Seems like the other podcasts from BTR are the same, Pahndroid and Radioandroid have the same problems for me. I am using Doubletwist to subscribe and sync and have no problems with the rest of the podcasts in the way of quality. Is there something I am missing?

    Love to podcast, just wish I could listen to it on my Android Device.

    Russell G