Google Acquires BlindType!


Ever wonder what happened to the company BlindType?  You know, the company that has the bad ass predictive keyboard (to see a demo click here).  Well Droid-Life is reporting that the company announced today that they have been acquired by the Big G, Google.  This is great news! See the official statement below!

We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google!

We want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and positive feedback.
We know that typing on your mobile device can be a frustrating experience, which is why
we’ve worked hard to make touch typing easier and faster than ever – the way it should be.

We’re excited to join Google, and look forward to the great opportunities for mobile innovation that lie ahead.

The BlindType team

Does this mean BlindType is going be built into the Android stock keyboard? Let’s hope so! That is one great keyboard!

Source: Droid-Life

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  1. Even if it does get “built in”, Motorola will replace it or screw it up. I would’ve rather had it as a stand alone product.

  2. i hope google release it as an app in the market like the recent gmail non of the phone manufacturers can deny us of it.

  3. @timmyjoe42: That’s why blindtype is a replacement for touch typing. “Touch Typing” = typing without seeing the keyboard. If you don’t know touch typing, then blindtype will be useless for you.

  4. No other major Android blog has such sloppy and bad writing; full of grammatical errors and typos, as AndroidGuys. What the frack happened? You’ve gone downhill for a long time now. Hire some better writers, because this is very below par and could’ve been written by an average kid in junior high.