October 25, 2014

Froyo Now Powers 1 in 3 Android Phones

New figures hot off the press!  Google has released the latest figures for devices accessing the Android Market and we’re getting closer to a Froyo majority.  The period ending October 1 shows all legacy versions of the platform dipping ever so slightly while Android 2.2 risesto 33.4 percent of the total.  Up from 28.7 percent less than one month ago, Froyo should eclipse Eclair in the next month or so.  Cupcake (1.5) has dropped to 9.7 percent with Donut (1.6) sliding to 16.4 percent.  Expect those figures to slowly diminish to the point of “other” as 2.2 begins hitting the Galaxy S phones and other devices.

Are any of you developers out there even consider writing for 1.6 or 1.5 at this point?