G2 Hardware Issues Already Popping Up

Engadget is reporting that hardware problems are already popping up with the T-Mobile G2.  Two major issues seem to be happening.  The first issue is that some of the handsets appear to be shipping with loose hinges, which causes the screen to hang when turning the phone upside down.   In addition to this, apparently holding the handset at certain angles causes the screen to snap shut if  open.  Obviously this isn’t a big deal yet, as many people, including myself do not regularly hold a phone upside down!

The second issue is very odd.  It appears that some G2 handsets are only shipping with 2GB of storage, instead of the 4GB which was promised.  Not sure if some sort of production screw happened here or what.  This is just breaking, so as soon as we know more, we will let you know.

Anyone out there having any issues?

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Source: Engadget

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  • blake

    Just don’t hold it that way. For real. Why would you need to hold your phone like that?

    • Joseph

      Look I can’t wait to get my hands on a G2, I’m an open android fanboy but I have to deal with peoples iphones all the time, not a fun thing being left handed. I gotta say “don’t hold it like that” is the last thing I wanna have to hear.

  • Deus Invictus

    Mine didn’t ship with 4Gb, although it looked closer to 1.5 then 2, but I could be wrong I would have to look again. So far no hardware problems. I was wondering why the Memory would be different between the G2 (supposedly 4gb) and the Desire Z (announced as 1.5Gb) since its the same phone with stock android on one and HTC Sense on the other. It makes me wonder if T-mob screwed up in advertising it as 4GB and it’s really supposed to be 1.5

  • drepope100

    First, as much as I look new electronics, I never by anything when it first comes out! Second, u should be able to hold your phone anyway u like!! We’re not iPhone owners! Let them deal with which way they hold their phones! We expect better.

  • Is it possible that when they say 4GB, half of it is locked for /system use? Maybe a recovery partition or something? My HTC Desire has 512MB storage on the sheet but only has 256MB of recordable memory (which is also shared with dalvik-cache).

    Provided the phone has a microSD slot, I am personally not too worried about how much internal storage the phone offers. However, it is a little weird when there’s a noticeable discrepancy between the hardware and the specifications.

  • DaveC

    I’ve loaded up about 50% of the apps that I have on my Nexus One and internal remaining is showing as 1.18GB. In Linda Manager, Apps are showing as (111M/1317M) 8%

    • Jack

      WTF?? 1.18GB on an N1’s Internal? You’re full of shit. The N1 only ships with 512ROM to begin with…

      • Deus Invictus

        I’m thinking that was typo he means HAD on his Nexus one,

      • ScaredyCat

        Comprehension fail.

  • pquin7

    This is silly …some of you guys out there with phones need a life.
    Just look how this dumb ass holds the phone…really? of course it’s going to drop like that
    the screen is heavy it’s called gravity…ever heard of it? the way I see it after reading every post on phones, it seems that people are so obsessed with getting a prefect phone.

    it’s got to be like this or it’s got to be like that….wahhhh cry me a river.
    News Flash humans are imperfect…therefor anything that man makes will be imperfect.

  • DaveC

    I have another problem. The backlight on the keyboard works sporadically. Not good.

    • janu wilkinson

      I have the same problem – the backlight comes on & goes off at whim. I can find no entry for “backlight” in HTC’s manual or online support

  • kevin

    Just got my G2 from Radio Shack service was great I kept my old T-mo unlimited loyalty plan.
    This thing rocks! Great form factor, screen and speed.

    I think I have a 2gb phone though. I don’t see where to show internal storage though. If I ad up all the installed programs and the available storage though it almost exactly 2gb.

  • Moose

    Went to T-MO today, and they had it in stock. Nice that they already have the HSPA+ network up in my area, but I gotta say this device is a major disappointment for me. I’m not far enough in to my contract with my G1 to get this at a discounted price, so I’d have to pay full boat for a device with an inadequate keyboard and “if dropped at the wrong angle” would end up in a tangled mess and wouldn’t be able to shut properly.

    Probably will have to hold on to my G1 until something better comes along.

  • robotcalvin

    I have had the phone since the 5th. I noticed that I never sae 3g anymore allthough my house is covered all I get now is either H or Edge networks. Tech support said I needed a new sim card. Got a new sim card still no 3G so at this point im 90 percent Edge now 10 percent HSPA. If I don’t get some updates from Tmobile I’ll have to take it back.

  • QA40515

    I have had the same problem. If you do a search you will get more info about a list of issue the G2 is having this one needs to be added. It is on the t mobile site but I found it by doing a Google search. Here it is: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=3&sqi=2&ved=0CCcQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fforums.t-mobile.com%2Ft5%2FT-Mobile-G2%2FMy-Top-10-List-of-Issues-with-G2%2Fm-p%2F503848&rct=j&q=issues%20with%20g2&ei=iD71TO3xBcSqlAecy4yoBg&usg=AFQjCNG1v7Sw9W55xaZenI7mBxwXm4uYow&cad=rjt

    good luck