Google Releases Customizable Version of ‘Car Home’ for Nexus One, Droid

Google has released a new version of their Car Home application for Android devices.  Already awesome in the way it turns your devices into a personal navigator/assistant for your on the go needs, it gets better with customizable shortcuts and personalized settings.  Effective today, Nexus One andMotorola Droid owners can start tweak the colors and background images as well as pick apps for display.  Now it’s possible to put Pandora or Slacker Radio one safe touch away.  

Read more at the Google Mobile blog. It should be noted that the original post indicated this would be available for Android 2.2 devices in general, but the update now refers to the Droid and Nexus One.  Look for a rollout to other phones in the near future.

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  1. Kevin
    October 01, 23:32 Reply

    I wonder why i was able to download it from the Market last night, HTC EVO (Official 2.2)

  2. Rich Owings
    October 02, 07:40 Reply

    I don’t see any “Add shortcut” options, just three blank spaces on the second screen. Long presses do nothing. I’m on Droid 1 running 2.2. Anybody else?

    • James
      October 02, 08:13 Reply

      You have to reinstall it from the market to get the customizable version.

      • Alarmed Nut
        October 02, 09:28 Reply

        James, Call your mom. You should let her know what your plans are for this weekend, not fooling around with your smart phone. Say hello to E. and W. for me.

  3. Mrwirez
    October 02, 08:53 Reply

    THIS is why you should buy Google phones with the “Full” Google Experience. Screw these phones with Bing and other limitations… VZW and AT&T are ruining the experience!! D1 rules…

  4. Korperklaus
    October 02, 10:27 Reply

    I has it on my HTC Hero. Great app, but could not see the new feature.

  5. Anon
    October 02, 10:58 Reply

    I wish I could customize it by shutting it off. It’s a nice feature but I don’t like it being magnetically activated.

  6. webby
    October 03, 09:33 Reply

    It’s not in the Market for the DInc, but I got it anyway from another online source, he he. Screw Sense.

  7. Kevin
    October 03, 11:40 Reply

    If you can’t get it to install / work right on your phone, remove or move the CarHome apk from /system/app, but be sure to leave the CarHomeLauncher.apk. CarHomeLauncher.apk is a pre-req for the new car home in the market.

    Working fine on my Hero with CM6.

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