Amazon Sweetens the Pot for Developers, Waives $99 Fee

Amazon is doing their part to cozy up next to Android developers.  We recently saw the terms and conditions leak online which showed a $99 annual fee that devs were required to pay.  An email being sent out right now shows the online giant waiving the first year’s charges as a “token of their appreciation” for joining.  It’s not known whether this is for early sign ups, for everyone, or if it’scompletely random.  We’ve copied the body of an email for you after the break.

Are any of you developers on the fence about signing up?  Does this entice you just a little more?

We are pleased you joined the Amazon App Store program and as a token of our appreciation, you will not be required to pay the $99 program fee for your first year of participation in Amazon’s App Store program. Program fees for subsequent years will be due on the anniversary of the date you accepted the App Store Distribution Agreement.

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  1. Josh
    October 02, 11:06 Reply

    You only get this email if you already signed up with them. That said, I am a ddveloper that was on the fence but have to say that it is mostly the 70% or 20% cut and the complete Amazon price controle that is the big issue here. They want me to give them my apps, lace them with DRM and set whatever price they want on it. Does that make me the developer and publisher or just the underpaid technical support? Price controle is a huge part of mobile app marketing/sales.

    Way too many restrictions for me…

    • Strodtbeck
      October 02, 12:46 Reply

      yeah, that sounds just a little bit over controlling. . .

    • Rdx
      October 02, 17:02 Reply

      Well you do get free marketing…for 20% of the cost, it takes care of marketing, retailing etc etc, pretty good deal.

  2. Kevin
    October 03, 11:37 Reply

    Free marketing? I didn’t hear about that. Certainly makes it interesting.

    $99 yearly fee will drive out lots of small guys. I know, first thought is it’ll drive out some dude who posted 5,000 wallpaper apps to the Android Market. But, it also drives out people who write niche apps, those that are only used by people in a certain city, or some other market. Think local transit applications or the like. It’s hard to clear more than a few hundred a year on these things.

  3. Rootko
    October 04, 03:24 Reply

    @Kevin, Josh – couldn’t agree more. I will not join the Amazon. I think they ask for too much. I’m tired of creating new and new versions of my apps every time new Market raises. Unless Amazon’s market is preloaded on most of the phones, I’m out.

  4. RCK
    October 04, 15:27 Reply

    We’ve also received the email to sign up Amazon store but we’ve decided to give up. Not because of the $99 but of the price controlling and the 24h-to-5days delay allowed to provide support. Amazon requires some kind of technical support that any small company cannot provide. It looks like SLA. Developing Android applications costs money. Supporting several markets costs money too. How much do you earn? Not enough to accept constraints from Amazon.

    Amazon is not the only new player in Android markets. Since 6 months, we received many email to join new Markets. It’s becoming a mess, some require to implement DRM, other ask you to repackage the applications, even some try to convince you to accept 15% of sale price only! All require to sign an agreement for 1 or 2 years and some with exclusive terms.

    For all these reasons, we’ve decided to not join any new Market. Google Market is not the best but it’s real and fair enough.

  5. topcentech
    January 21, 06:35 Reply

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  6. topcentech
    February 14, 04:11 Reply

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