Froyo for AT&T Captivate Lands Online

It appears that an official Android 2.2 build has leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S series AT&T Captivate.  A user from XDA forums going  by the name of designgears has posted a fully-functioning release dated September 21st.  Features include a GPS fix, Media Hub, JIT Compiler, the B&N NOOK app, and more.  If you are into the whole rooting scene and have a Captivate of your own, then you should head to XDA after you’re done reading AndroidGuys today.

Thanks to Steve Peterson for the tip!

  • F… at&t!

  • Eric

    I second that! Every part of AT&T sucks!

    • EVO 4G


      The ONLY reason ATT is still alive is the because of the iPhone, and the brainwashed simpletons who purchase it.

      My EVO kills that silly device.

      • MG

        I’ve had every carrier with the exception of T-Mobile. I can honestly say that AT&T does have their issues, namely with controlling the phones and locking them down. But what I will say is that no matter who you have you will at some point need customer service and from my experience AT&T has the hands down best customer service I have ever received from any provider. And consistently at that. No matter what that problem is, I’ve have always in the end had it resolved to my liking.

        Thats a hard to believe, I know. Well, how can I say that? I have had these phones:
        Hermes (8525)
        Tilt (8925)
        Rafael (Fuze)
        Rhodium (Tilt 2)

        Guess how much I’ve paid in total for the last 5 phones? $69!!! Grand TOTAL. I get great reception with AT&T (as good as anyone if not better and more consistent) and as a touring artist I am all over the map from Seattle, to Phoenix, to Cleveland, to DC.

        Sure, they lock their phones and crap like that. But I have unlocked and unleashed every phone I’ve recv’d thanks to great developers over at XDA. Knowledge is power. So when I read the reviews about great phones and the reviewer speaks about a potentially great phone being crippled because of phone locking…I can simply disregard that info as a myth.

        But hey, thats just my opinion and my own personal experience.

  • Slipped it in

    AT&T has more voice coverage than any other US carrier, Verizon included. More voice coverage always equals better service in every single case. GSM results in significantly fewer dropped calls than 2G CDMA does. AT&T also has the second fastest 3G data network behind T-Mobile. Considering that the average download speeds on AT&T’s 3G network are around 4-5mbps (verified with a Nexus One phone running Froyo build FRF91 on 3G, not wifi) this isn’t significantly slower than Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network. Once AT&T has completed their HSPA+ upgrade Sprint and Verizon won’t stand a chance.

  • msmith

    I did the froyo upgrade and it is wonderful. The GPS is now working for the first time and the overall speed of the phone is incredible. It also appears there was something added for the Samsung video card since all images seem to be brighter and more 3D looking. Battery life seems to be about 20% better… I liked the phone before this update, now I love it.

    • gargola

      will you forward the update to me? For the captivate. I want to update!

  • Scaptivate

    Did you download Froyo or did it broadcast over the air into your phone? I hope to have it soon. Thanks

  • dreezer

    AT&T will never update to 2.2
    Any inkling that they might was just a way to sucker more of us into purchasing their Samsungs

  • JD

    Agreed Freezer. They don’t care to update anything but the iPhone.

    • Steve

      AT&T does not have control over iPhone updates, Apple does.

  • twin

    The official update will be released tommorow by OTA and with an option of using an upgrade tool. This is a fact