G2 Now on Sale at Radio Shack, $149.99 on 2-Year Contract

Boom! Radio Shack now has your G2 for sale!  Staying true to it’s word about being the first to have the T-Mobile G2 for sale, Radio Shack now has the phone for you to purchase.  I just called my local Radio Shack in Albany, NY and they have five in stock!

Anybody try their local Shack yet?

  • John

    $150 with or without mail-in rebates, and are current customers eligible for this price?

  • kevin

    Current customers $199+$18 upgrade fee.
    Service in Fort Collins on North College is great. This is an awesome phone. Great feel and fast. I got mine when they opened at 10am Oct. 3rd.

  • Christopher

    Radio Shack in Boston had it, picked one up yesterday.

    • Craig

      Yeah they did! So did Watertown and all the surrounding ones.

      I’m still annoyed at the $50 difference between new and re-contracting. My contract is up, I want a new phone. They want to keep me as a customer, and I could just as easily cancel and then become a new customer, so why make me work for it?

      • Usman

        Call T-mobile and speak to Retentions. They will easily drop a $50 credit on your account to keep you happy.

  • opiate46

    I don’t understand how Radio Shack is still in business.

    • kevin

      Around here its good service. G2 3 days before T-Mo. And when I wanted to make sure I kept the $49 loyalty plan and the old $24 unlimited data plan they spent 20 min on the phone to seal the deal.

      And who else fills parts lists for my kids school elec. projects?
      I like them.

      • opiate46

        Oh no no don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with the store itself. I just don’t understand how they make enough to stick around. No one is ever in there when I go, and the sales people they have now don’t know a resistor from an iPhone.

  • RoTo

    What if I get tired of the hinge thing. What’s Radio Shack policy on returning the phone and canceling the contract?