HTC EVO 4G Lands on Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards

One of the hottest handsets of the year, the HTC EVO 4G, is being recognized by Popular Mechanics as being one of the breakthrough devices for 2010.  Touted as a product that “truly moves society forward”, the Sprint phone lands on the list because of its ability to act as a mobile hotspot for up to eight devices among other reasons.

…Competitors have promised their own 4G networks (most of which forgo WiMAX for the alternate LTE technology), but so far, Sprint’s is the only one that is operational. As for the EVO, its power isn’t confined to its 4.3-inch screen…

In a related note, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor also made the list.  Why? Because it’s wicked fast and uber-capable!  Those are our words, but we dare to argue the point.

  • you guys forgot Tmobiles HSPA+ network, with 4g speeds that are MUCH faster than Sprints 4g network.

    • Brendan

      Wrong. But nice try.

      • JTHC

        No, he’s right. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s Wimax. For now, at least.

    • jstone

      LTE has ability to proform faster than wimax current speeds….when full deployed….that happenes in 2013-14 by then wimax can reach ITS max speed pf upto 1gbit something lte cant come close to

  • One of the most popular phones of this year, the HTC EVO 4G, is recognized by Popular Mechanics as one of the revolutionary features. Billed as a product that really the society moves forward, the land of Sprint on the list due to its ability to act as a wireless access point for up to eight devices, among other reasons.

  • All this is old news… android guys have been slacking a bit… verizon has been stealing millions of dollars a year from cell phone users… check your cell phone bill!!!

  • dubyajaysmith

    My nexus does all that plus. Connect 8 devices. Check. On hspa + check. For FREE. Check mate. =D

    • SVN S1X TW0

      Yeah, too bad its on t-bag mobile. Its the worst network hands down. Not a single person I know who has had it liked it at all. Constant dropped calls, inconsistent 3g coverage and garbage for support make it the special-ed of phone networks. Keep getting t-bagged and apparently loving it.

  • JJ

    The speeds of hspa+ are awesome but like many analysts have said, wimax is at its infancy. HSPA+ is only slightly faster than wimax and wimax 2 is already being tested. Not to mention that sprint is working on getting wimax to work with lte to help them spread the 4g coverage. Samsung was running tests on wimax 2 and it blew hspa+ out of the water. Just like evdo has different revisions so does wimax. Plus tmobile just came out with a phone that is able to use the hspa+. Sprint has 2 phones not to mention they have a bigger coverage area. What is the point of having the fastest network when you can’t even get the signal?
    Also tmobile and sprint might join forces and share their 4g technology. Also remember that hspa+ is an upgrade for 3g that has 4g speeds. It is not tmobiles 4g network. Tmobile is going to use lte for their 4g network. You guys need to read some more and learn the facts before speaking out of turn.

  • Anonymous

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