October 26, 2014

HTC EVO 4G Lands on Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards

One of the hottest handsets of the year, the HTC EVO 4G, is being recognized by Popular Mechanics as being one of the breakthrough devices for 2010.  Touted as a product that “truly moves society forward”, the Sprint phone lands on the list because of its ability to act as a mobile hotspot for up to eight devices among other reasons.

…Competitors have promised their own 4G networks (most of which forgo WiMAX for the alternate LTE technology), but so far, Sprint’s is the only one that is operational. As for the EVO, its power isn’t confined to its 4.3-inch screen…

In a related note, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor also made the list.  Why? Because it’s wicked fast and uber-capable!  Those are our words, but we dare to argue the point.