Android Market Now Displays App Prices in Local Currency

I was browsing the Android market today when I noticed something a little strange. All the prices of paid market apps were in pounds sterling with a little ‘~’ symbol before them. It seems that whichever country the buyer is from, the market now gives you the approximate price of apps in that currency. Kind of handy for me,  as now American apps seem a bit cheaper with a dollar being worth more than a pound. Here’s a link to the Tweet by @AndroidDev confirming this. Don’t forget to tell us what you think.  I think this is a great idea!

  • Andrew

    I like that I can quickly see how much I will be paying for an app but i’m still upset I have to pay fees from my credit card if I buy an app from a developer in another country.

  • I noticed this too, but I think you’ll find a dollar is worth less than a pound, not more.

  • jason

    google really needs to look into operating more like the apple app store in that the transaction is between apple and the user. the google store is a transaction directly between the dev and the user which means the dev has to handle all the sales tax and any other miscellaneous stuff. apple handles the sales tax and other issues. they both take the same cut. i’m really interested to see what amazon has to offer.

    the current situation is a mess for small time developers and maybe even larger developers who don’t normally sell directly to consumers. what’s my requirements/liability for for selling into ?

    • jason

      that last bit should have been:

      selling into [random foreign country]?

      there’s no post preview.