G2 Rooted, Sorta

Another day, another rooted device. Yes, you read correctly, the T-Mobile G2 has been rooted. But, before you go running to your local T-Mobile store to pick up a G2 and root it, we should point out that for now, this method doesn’t allow permanent root access. Meaning, that once the phone reboots, you lose your root privileges.

So, it’s not that groundbreaking or major news, but it’s good to see how quickly the G2 was rooted. Surely, the method will be changed so that permanent root access is attainable. Patience is the strongest virtue. We’re not sure if this will make up for those hardware issues or not, but we’ll leave that one up to you. If you want instructions on how to root your G2, check them out on XDA.

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  1. larry
    October 05, 22:41 Reply

    The internal memory is a partition error in the indicator per tech support… flash update in the works

  2. Nightly Business Report
    October 12, 06:51 Reply


  3. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 14, 13:36 Reply

    ok welcome to g2 now let see how it can stand upto the expectation of users

  4. Italy Tours
    October 18, 07:35 Reply

    I don’t think it’s groundbreaking or major news, but still it’s good to see that G2 is rooted quickly.

  5. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 19, 07:32 Reply

    After the Slide I was concerned about this as well, I kind of wanted to pre-order it but I decided to wait until it was confirmed as rootable and romable before I purchased.

  6. Kurt Brandstadt
    October 21, 01:48 Reply

    Great find! I know now internal memory is a partition error in the indicator per tech support…thanks

  7. WebVisible
    February 20, 02:13 Reply

    It’s internal memory is a partition error in the indicator per tech support.. But it’s really good to see how fast G2 can be easily rooted.

  8. san diego desk
    April 28, 06:34 Reply

    Rooting the G2 is like a woman with perfect boobs getting breast implants, its not neccessary. when i had my G1 it was needed, because it was limited physically, the G2 has no such limitations..

  9. Its a drawback of G2 rooting that once the phone reboots, we lose our root privileges,Is any alternate is possible so please share…

  10. bokshandschoenen
    September 07, 08:04 Reply

    I hope definitely G2 have another alternate of rebooting otherwise the effect directly comes on sale..

  11. kamagra bestellen
    September 08, 10:35 Reply

    Thanks to share this valuable info that it’s not a  permanent root access otherwise I will root it and I  lose my root privileges,

  12. ankit
    April 24, 06:09 Reply

    we lose our root privileges,Is any alternate is possible so please share so as we can enjoy it .

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