Motorola Citrus Announced, Headed for Verizon

Verizon also announced the entry-level Motorola Citrus.  The Citrus is powered by Android 2.1 and is both sleek and compact in design. Looks pretty nice for an entry-level handset.  That is all we really know now.  This news is just breaking.

Anyone excited about this?

Source: Engadget

  • Dorian

    The aspect ratio of the screen tells us it’s a QVGA display, which probably means 2.8 inches (most QVGA screens are).

  • Dorian

    Oh, and if that is true, that it is a 2.8 inch screen, the device measures roughly 3.66 by 2.1 inches (93x53mm).

  • Jeff

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say 3″ instead of 2.8, just seems like that would help separate it from some of the touchscreen feature phones out there. Either way I won’t be getting it. I don’t have Verizon and I’m not 12, but it’s good to see Moto and Big Red offer up some low-end Android love. This should help snag some first time smartphone buyers. This alongside the Droid Pro to swing some Blackberry users will make for a Merry Christmas for Verizon and Android.

  • I can’t get over the complete contradiction of a “Bing powered Android phone”. How/why does Google allow that???


  • just got my third Motorola Bravo in the mail today thank god
    they have a one year warranty, only phone ive used with android and to
    bad i didnt spend the money on an iphone, these things are crap.