Skype for Android Rolls Out to All 2.1+ Devices

Big news for Skype and Android users today as the service rolls out to anyone running 2.1 or higher on their handset.  No longer exclusive to Verizon, it’s now available to roughly 3 in 4 of today’s Android phones.  Among the features are the ability to make low rate calls to landline or mobile phones, import names and numbers from address book, and monitor which of your contacts are online and available for a call or chat.  There is one caveat: In the US, Skype for Android works over WiFi only.  Dealbreaker or exactly what you needed?

Skype for Android is free and can be found in the Android Market or by visiting directly from your phone.  Read more about the announcement from Skype’s blog.

  • Justin

    You failed to mention that it currently doesn’t work on Galaxy S phones. I was excited to see this, only to be disappointed when I tried to get it. Hopefully they update it soon.

  • Luke Wallace

    I thought their blog post said that only calls were limited to wi-fi, everything else was available on any data connection.

    I was a little sad to see it’s a 2.1+ app. One more reason to load a ROM on my G1 I guess.

  • Yup, broken on my Galaxy S. I can download & install it, but every time I login I get a “We’re sorry” error. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, I’m happy to finally have skype on my phone.

  • Works on galaxy spica. Great job. I’ve been waiting for this release.

  • Chris

    Every website I read about this on, everyone is complaining that the calls are WiFi only. The Skype app for Verizon is 3G only. If you have both, you’re totally covered. I’m sure someone has made a apk of the Verizon one for rooted non Verizon phones, just get both.

  • Scole

    It’s been getting some really bad reviews today as well. I’m sporting a N1 on tmo’s hspa+ network so why do I still need to be on wifi? People are experiencing logging in issues, it’s 10mb big and you can’t save it onto the memory card, the wifi thing and who knows what else is going on. I use nimbuzz, it’s 8mb tho but I can call any skype customer without having to be on wifi just need to sign up for a nimbuzz account. Works great

  • Julius

    Doesn’t work on my Nexus One – download ok, install ok (no more space left), can not log in.

  • Aaron

    Another n1 user that can’t login. Sticking to Sipgate and 3cx client

  • aggourodolmas

    You also forgot to inform ppl that there may be some devices with not enough processing speed or are currently incompatible such as HTC Hero, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy S (2.1).
    For instance HTC Wildfire has lower screen resolution and performance issues.
    Too bad for me that I am a Wildfire owner

  • man i was going to get i on a vibrant that i was a bout to buy i

  • Flick

    Oh dear…. I have a Hero. Does this mean that I won’t be able to get the Skype app unless I upgrade it to a custom 2.1 rom?