Beta Test This! TV Show Favs

I’m still feverishly playing around with this new app and I have to say, I am very impressed. TV Show Favs by MKDevelopment is a highly integrated and customizable application that keeps track of everything television for you.  

The very slick app allows the user to add their favorite TV shows and track everything about it.  The user can display information about the show (complete with thumbnail and overview), dates the show airs, information about the actors (via IMDB), set reminders, mark whether the show has been watched, and much, much more.

Its pretty clear to me the developer didn’t rush anything to market because this app is very well thought out.  Even though its still in beta, TV Show Favs is very fluid, has a great UI, and is nicely integrated with the Android experience (notifications and calendar).  It does appear to have its fair share of bugs. Problems displaying the correct time and dates when adding to Google Calendar was a big one for me. The bugs it has seem to be minimal and easily circumvented (just change the date and time by hand in the pop up window).  The developer seems very excited and responsive, so I’m sure the bugs will be hashed out before it goes prime time.

On a side note, its pretty funny how life works sometimes. Yesterday, I decided to take control of my TV viewing schedule because I was tired of keeping all the dates in my head.  I created a separate Google Calendar and started to add dates to it regarding the premiere dates and times of the many TV shows I watch.  Lo and behold, this app appears on my radar that basically does for me what I was doing by hand.  Very cool!

Well what are you waiting for? Download it now as long as you’re rocking Android 2.0.1 or better!!!  Look for a full review from me when the app comes out of beta.

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