EXCLUSIVE: More Details Leaking out for Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform

One of our trusted tipsters has passed along some new Sprint details for a pair of upcoming devices.  We felt you’d like to know a little more about the Sanyo Zio and Samsung Transform since we’re expecting them less than a week from now.  Yep, we’re told to look for these two phones on October 10!

The Sanyo Zio will bow at a $99 price tag, after rebate while the Transform should be $149.99 after rebate.  We’re liking the entry-level price points after the $250 cost of the EPIC 4G which launched just a few weeks back.  The Samsung phone is said to be running an 800MHz processor although we’re not exactly sure which chipset it might be.  Our source had not powered the phone on when he shot off a few pictures to us, but they felt pretty good about it being Android 2.1.  Screen size is somewhere in the 3.5-inch range. For what it’s worth, this isn’t a 4G handset.

You’ll notice something called Sprint ID in the pictures.  What’s the deal with that?  Our source tells us that it’s like being able to customize your device with various apps, ringtones, wallpapers, and settings with the ability to go back to stock Android whenever you want.  We can see Entertainment, Business, and Fashion & Beauty IDs in the picture above.  Wonder what else there is?

Accessories are said to be arriving any day now, with some stores already sitting on Zio goodies.

  • deraildoax

    The Transform is an interesting looking phone. 3.5″ screen, keyboard, and a forward facing camera without having to pay into 4g pricing. Sounds great.

    The Zio shouldn’t be $99 after rebate though because from everything I’ve read was saying it’s build quality and screen sensitivity isn’t great. I think it would have sold like wildfire at a free price tag though. $50 would be a sweetprice point after rebate.

  • Jeremy

    The Transform looks like junk. We already have a 800mhz phone with a keyboard. This one just adds a toy camera to the front. I am not to thrilled with this “upgrade” from the Moment.

  • Kortez

    I am disappointed to hear that the Transform does not have a Super AMOLED screen, and that it only has a 800 mhz processor too. I am eligible for an upgrade, but I may just wait to see when Samsung and Sprint decide to release another GalaxyS device similar to the Fascinate or Vibrant. I will check the phone out when it is released. If I like it, maybe Best Buy could use this phone on one of their Free Phone Friday deals in October.

    As far as the Sanyo Zio………… GOOD LUCK GUYS!! A day late and a dollar short. It will be hard to play catch-up to the GalaxyS, IPhone, Droid, and BB crowd. Smartphones are becoming more and more popular with ALL age groups, and alot of folks in the cell phone game a too far behind the times!!

    • kristv

      Have you seen solid info regarding the screen? I have heard from a couple of sources that it IS a SAMOLED screen, so I’m curious about your comment. The 800 MHz processor keeps this phone in the mid-range area of Android phones and is a reasonable processor to include in this device. The Moment is actually a pretty snappy phone with its 800 MHz cpu, so I expect this one will perform about the same (or faster with stock Android and likely Froyo to be deployed soon after launch).

  • Jay Dub

    It be all over this if it was 2.2. I don’t trust OEMs to update phones with any urgency.

    • Jay Dub

      Of course, I meant to say “I’d be all over this….”

      I thought an earlier post said this WOULD be 2.2.