Minor Cliq XT Upgrade Rolling Out

Our friends over at TmoNews have discovered a minor update being pushed out to the Motorola Cliq XT. This update is not the promised 2.1 update set for late Q3/early Q4. It’s a minor update to fix a few bugs and improve stability. The update, which is being rolled out OTA to Cliq XT owners in stages, includes:

  • Overall Phone Performance- Significantly improved overall performance and responsiveness to input requests.
  • Additional Stability- Improved stability, resulting in fewer occurrences of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Bluetooth Performance- Improved performance and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Messaging- Prevents erroneous notifications that a message has not been sent. Also resolves MMS sending/receiving issues in certain scenarios.
  • Touchscreen- Improved touch screen sensitivity and touch response.
  • Swype┬« Keyboard- Includes updates to the latest version of the SWYPE software, resulting in improved overall performance of the application.

Again, this update is rolling out in phases, so keep an eye out for a notification. If you’ve gotten the update already, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Source: TmoNews

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  • Mike Funk

    The “upgrade” works fine. It apparently fixes a bluetooth problem that was broken by a previous update. It has the new swype, which others can get as soon as a new beta comes out. But since it came with the phone, we have to wait for a phone update to get the latest. I really can’t tell if the phone is more responsive, faster, etc. I just want 2.1 so I can put modern apps on it. Only 10% of android phones have Android 1.5 on them still and this is one of them. >:(

  • *j_c*

    The touch sensetivity has significantly gone up, also the brightness, idk what it is but yeah, really wanting the 2.1 update

  • Kietriss

    Haven’t seen any freeze ups on the new update yet, and that strange hang up issue with the touch screen appears to be gone.

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    I think this minnor problems like minnor cliq just down the model impression which we get after the lot of efforts….

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    The features are good especially the touchscreen.

  • http://twitter.com/mykalaikontilai Mykalai Kontilai

    i like its features and Improved performance and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices.

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    Just root or wait your choice, complaining is not getting anyone far

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    I think its not good that it’s a minor update to fix a few bugs and improve stability,there must be some good update to improve this.

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    All the features of this phone are very good but I like especially the improved performance and connectivity with other bluetooth devices.

  • http://neilkornswiet.net/ Neil Kornswiet

    This update is not the promised 2.1 update set for late Q3/early Q4. It’s a minor update to fix a few bugs and improve stability.Thanks for the information on blog.