New Colors for HTC Legend and Desire

We’re getting word that the HTC Legend and Desire will be relaunching this month, with the only noticeable differences being the colors of the devices. The Legend looks very sleek in Phantom Black, while the Desire rocks out in Brilliant White. Not earth-shattering changes, but honestly, who doesn’t want to look at these incredibly awesome devices?

Source: Gizmodo via DroidDog

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  1. SirSteven
    October 07, 04:19 Reply

    The Legend seriously needs a spec bump, so it’s disappointing that all it’ll get is a paint-job.

  2. Nightly Business Report
    October 12, 07:03 Reply


  3. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 14, 13:41 Reply

    there has been a real passion for these phones since they launched. The phantom black HTC Legend and brilliant white Desire cap a quality mobile experience with an exclusive and premium finish.

  4. Mark Brandstein
    October 21, 04:22 Reply

    Please HTC do the Desire HD in black too. I didn’t buy the desire because of its brown colour and I certainly wouldn’t buy it in white. The legend looks great in black in the photo above. I use my phone as a business phone and so don’t want “kiddy” colours.

  5. Jeff Cassar
    November 02, 13:18 Reply

    There is an real passion about HTC phones. but the black phones is looking really very beautiful the body of the mobile is very slim. The mobile have really very nice look.

  6. Christopher Dircks
    December 02, 07:10 Reply

    Nice one, The Legend looks very sleek in Phantom Black, while the Desire rocks out in Brilliant White,I agree with what you’re saying. Good point. Thanks

  7. Steve
    December 22, 22:13 Reply

    The Legend now looks like a refined G1/Dream. The Desire now looks like a refined Magic. :)

  8. Jeff Stubanas
    January 17, 01:40 Reply

    Well the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, which were both introduced and announced in February will be sporting a new color.

  9. It’s just 1 new color, silver. “Urban brown” is the one we’ve all seen since HTC first unveiled the phone (though it looks black in some photos)

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