Team Douche Will Give ETAs for CyanogenMod

  • Greg

    Cooll!! =D
    I just hope that they will support the “Mytouch HD” thats coming out soon, im sooooo getting that but im not looking forward to using htc senseUI on it loll

  • macs

    Team douche are exactly that douches. They are responsible for driving other good developers out of xda. They want a monopoly on opensource software that they didn’t write. They are the main reason I dropped Android.

    • chris

      uhh.. ok. Have any evidence to back up that statement?

      • macs

        What do you want a photo of me dumping my htc magic in the bin or something.

        • Yeah I got to chime in here. These guys were great at the BBQ, I don’t know about the whole “douche” theme, but they were great to hang with and get to know, and were very open about the whole thing.

          Sounds like you had a bad experience, sorry for that, but is that really a reason to leave Android? Take your ball and go home much?

          • yeah, he can’t come on MAH POST and start badmouthin’ TD!

    • optedoblivion

      We don’t want a monopoly, never have. You are right about us being douches. Hence why we call ourselves teamdouche. And if you think we want a monopoly, you apparantly have no place in the android community. All of our code is open source..on github, free to everyone! Let me recap…F R E E…FREE… We don’t charge for anything, unlike some other kangers with “diamond status”. I would believe they would be the ones wanting to monopolize. Frankly, if this is your attitude towards the situation I think the community is better off without you….

      “A monopoly exists when a specific individual or an enterprise has sufficient control over a particular product or service to determine significantly the terms on which other individuals shall have access to it.”


      • macs

        The slang use of the term douche is actually a false friend of the French term douche vaginale where douche means shower you can guess the other. So I can see clearly where team douche bags derives from.

        Secondly you don’t have any code, all you guys do is tweak Google’s code. Its laughable trying to take credit for writing Android!

        A monopoly situation does exist when one group of douche bags can almost entirely get a single developer removed from the largest Android developers site and orchestrate a campaign to get the same developer removed from lists on twitter.

        Frankly TeamDouchebags are a viscous bunch and the Android community would be better of without this crowd of false friends.

        • Thanks for the etymology lesson. Sounds like perhaps yr nor familiar with the fine products made by the folks at Summer’s Eve.

          By the way, “viscous” means thick ‘n’ syrupy. Yum!

          • macs

            yeah just like the stuff between your ears.

    • Benji

      Hmm that’s funny, everyone that met teamdouche last weekend said they were all super nice. You must be talking about someone else.

  • cyanogen

    Flamebait, but what the hell.. It’s more like we got driven out of XDA. I rarely even post there anymore because of all the demands and misunderstandings. The only person we’ve ever driven out of a forum was BlackDroid, and that wasn’t even on XDA.

    If you really quit Android because of Team Douche, that’s effing hilarious.

    • tsheeley

      Wow… a reply from the man himself!

      I for one am grateful for all the work he (and the rest of TD) has done for the community. I found CM4 on XDA just before the whole “Cyan-gate” incident… my current daily driver isn’t straight from him, but like so many other ROMs there, it’s a variant of his work.

      We’d more than likely be lost without him.

      Keep up the good work C!

    • So I for one am very grateful for the work that goes into the CyanogenMod releases. But I will say that there is a part of Team Douche who actually *is* a douche: Chris Soyars. And that’s because of his Nexus Live 2.0 wallpaper that he has fleeced everyone with. Seriously, look it up in the marketplace and look at the hundreds upon hundreds of people that paid Chris for his app, only to have him abandon it as soon as he gets payment, refusing to update it to work with Froyo. I don’t think I need to donate to anything. Mr. Soyars does, he’s already made a buck from me over something that I can’t even use.

    • macs

      Your a liar cyanogen you guys got KingKlick banned. Teamdouchebags vicious flaming war even spread over onto twitter with a campaign to remove him from the Android developer community.

      Like a lot of Android users I came from a WM background and I choose Android because of I wanted to continue on a platform with a modding and community spirit. That community doesn’t exist on Android and I moved on to better things. Thats not effing hilarious its effing sad.

    • Android (aka)Knowledge

      There is no doubt that cyanogen and others have done something great. They take their personal time to provide something for thousands of others who are interested in a great product. If you dont like their product, dont use it. If you dont donate to their cause, mooch away. That’s the beauty of open source!! I would like to get ETA’s but damnit!. their not a company. Their talented geeks with a hobby.

  • Simon Templar

    Kingklick? A developer? Really? The problem is that some so called developers don’t give credit when they use other’s code. Kingklick is one of these. So was blackdroid. Cyanogen builds properly credit google for the Android code so what more do you want?

    Back in your WinMo days did you code your own Windows Mobile build from scratch? No, you built on Microsoft’s platform. Same thing with Android ROMs they’re all built off of the open source Android build.

    Some wannabe devs decided to steal cyanogenmod code, not stock Android code but customized code, without giving proper credit. They put it in their own ROMs and passed it out as if it was their own without acknowledging the work of others that went into “their” ROM.

    You can be bitter all you want but in the open source community people are free to use other’s code but they HAVE to give credit.

  • Riku

    you’re kind of a douchestupidass, my friend. I think you’ve said your piece.

    Note: I don’t believe we have EVER claimed to have written android. we’ve been pretty damn good about that anyway, after the whole C&D fiasco (and that wasn’t even #teamdouche back then!), nor have we really gotten anyone banned (besides blackdroid from a different forum). you want to know who banned Kingklick from XDA?? it was STERICSON. A MODERATOR.

    at anyrate, you should be ashamed, you not only wasted our time but the time of many a douche reading this posts comments.

  • Riku

    another thing, Stericson didn’t even ban kingklick from the forums because of code issues, he banned kingklick because he continuously had OTHER PEOPLE’S PAID APPS pre-installed and was distributing them! e.g. better terminal emulator PRO. if you want to argue something, learn some facts first. i’m glad that you’re gone from our community.

  • Hetal Patel


    I think mac have some Family Problem and he is very frustrated with life.

    Open Source is Open Source and if you dont like cyanogen or Team Douche Make your one. Team Douche show how to use ext3 ext4 Apps2SD modded Recovery Kernels Tweaks and we like that.

    If you don’t like them, have a guts to Replicate them

    • macs

      lol, your a twat dude, The point is I had a perfectly good ROM. It was the fastest and best ROM for my device until team douche bags attempted to run a dev out of dodge. I am a software developer, I write my own software from scratch, I don’t tweak other peoples code and claim credit as a developer while slating other developers for kanging. Considering cyanogenmod was originally just a kang of JF roms in the first place. I don’t care about cyanogen or teamdouche ROMS I don’t use them but they have no right to run other devs out.

  • macs

    You guys are right. I was a whiney little bitch about this and I apologize. Going to go flash cm on my magic now.

  • do any of you guys know of a member of team douche who goes by the name “Boston” and lives in Rockford, IL? if you know any info, let me know: [email protected]. THANX!!!