TheStreet: Android Market to Integrate Paypal as Early as October 26th

One big bone of contention for many new Android users is having to use Google Checkout over Paypal for purchasing apps.  It’s not that Checkout is a total hassle to set up, but, rather, most folks are just more acquainted with Paypal.  Plus, Paypal is accepted in nearly 200 countries while Google Checkout only reaches about 30 countries. According to a recent article on TheStreet, Google has been working with eBay on a deal which could see Paypal integration as early as October 26th.  If true, the timing of the announcement would coincide with the kickoff of Paypal’s developer conference in San Francisco.

Would you buy more apps if Paypal were integrated into the Android Market?

  • Bob

    my beef with checkout is that I can’t use any third party apps that rely on google services (example: a third party Google Reader app since goog hasn’t released one on their own). once a third party app has my google password, who knows what kind of mischief they could cause with access to my checkout account?

  • Mysterious Developer

    Yeah paypal will be awesome!

    Every time somebody someone refunds one of my 1 dollar apps, paypal will freeze my account for 6 months!