Droid Pro Red Eye Spotted, Looking Good

Well hello there, Droid Pro, the newest member of the Droid family. The Droid Pro was announced yesterday, as a device that will, most likely, complete with RIM’s Blackberry devices. It is a world-phone, so you’ll have service even if you travel to areas overseas, where Big Red may not have coverage.

As you all may know, each Verizon “Droid” branded Android device comes with its own Droid eye. Well, it seems that the Droid Pro’s eye has been spotted, thanks to a tipster over at Droid Life. Looking like the top of a AA-battery, the eye is shown on the Droid Pro, which is sitting next to Verizon’s other recently announced Android device, the Motorola Citrus.

Anyone interested in the Droid Pro?

Source: Droid Life

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  1. Sam Herren
    October 07, 09:40 Reply

    One Droid Pro for me please. Looks like everything the TMO Charm was not.

  2. hp coupon code
    October 07, 12:56 Reply

    Well it is the best looking and I really want to have it. I think it is one of the best in the business and the official kind of phones. It has the best features from music to office work.

  3. hP
    October 07, 19:56 Reply

    what’s the point of this smartphone if verizon’s international rates are skyhigh in comparison to other phone carriers. No i don’t believe in buying a prepaid sim. defeats the purpose of my world phone. i don’t think i will be switching to verizon even though i dig this phone. waiting for duo-cpu. i rather have the rugged Defy

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