Full Version of Angry Birds to be Released Next Week


Rovio has announced, via a tweet, that the full version of their popular game, Angry Birds, will be released to the Android Market next week. The limited beta version of the game, released about a month ago, has already surpassed 250,000 downloads. The timing of next week’s release matches up with what we’d heard from Rovio in mid-September. No word on whether this release will include the Mighty Eagle character they mentioned at that time.

Who is ready to move beyond those few levels that come with the Lite Beta?  Have you already gotten so good that every level has three stars?

via BoyGenius Report


  1. My wife and I can’t wait! We have had three stars on every level for weeks and now we just battle to try and beat each others high scores. It’s getting really tough to get any higher though.

  2. The beta looked awful on HTC Legend.
    I really hope they make the full game for different screens.
    Gameplay was smooth, but the menus were so crowded that buttons lay on top of each other.

  3. We Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant, 2.1) owners never got to see the Beta in the Android market, so we will probably not see the retail release as well.

    Rovio doesn’t care, so what can I say.

  4. I hope the footprint of the final version will be considerably smaller!
    The game is great but 13 MB is lot for a non-rooted Legend owner on 2.1

  5. I liked this version very much. Its very sticky. I just wish they would go ahead and release version 1.0 like it is now. Add multi-tasking in 1.1 or 1.5. I am sick and tired of playing the few levels that we have. I know they are trying to get the “complete” package together before they release it, but how long do we have to wait 🙂