Logitech Revue (Google TV) Site Goes Live, Pre-Order Yours!

After months of rumors about Google TV, the first hardware sporting it has been officially launched.  The Logitech Revue site has gone live and will let you preorder one of these units for $299.  The site also has a pretty detailed outline of what the set top box can do for you if you’re still on the fence about Google TV.

The Logitech Revue has an HDMI in and out port, two usb ports, 2 IR blasters, Ethernet and wifi connectivity, Logitech’s unifying technology, has access to the Android Market, and comes complete with an HDMI cable, a lightweight keyboard with trackpad, and a mini IR blaster.  There is also a slew of accessories available including cams, mice, and more keyboards.

If you love everything Android and like to be an early adopter or technology, head over to the Revue site and preorder your unit now.

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  • Grwisher

    Has anyone pre-ordered the Logitech Revue? Just curious.

    • John

      I pre-ordered it Wednesday. All I can find is that it will be shipped by the end of the month.

  • Jay

    As a Dish Network customer, I can buy one for $179 through Dish. Woohoo.