T-Mobile Vibrant Sees Update, GPS Gets Fixed

We’re getting word from a few of our readers that their new T-Mobile Vibrant handset has received an update.  It’s a mix of good news, bad news though, depending on what you were hoping for.  First, is isn’t the Android 2.2 you might be holding your breath over.  However, this update does address the GPS situation that plagued more than a few of you.  Now your location can be found more often, quicker, and more precise.  Time to get started checking in with Gowalla and using your favorite GPS driving app.  According to our sources, the update should register as Baseband version: T959UVJI6 with Build number: ECLAIR.UVJI6 when it is finished.  Have fun kids!

  • Richard

    My Virbant’s GPS Is fixed. When I got it out of the box it wouldn’t lock on for the GPS, BUT I factory reseted it and afterwards it worked! 🙂

  • opiate46

    Be careful taking this update. It bricked my phone. Currently trying to see if I can find a way to fix it now, but if you’re a rooter or alternate ROM user be advised that this is a real problem and tmo is aware of it.

    • Slipped it in

      And you need to be aware that T-Mobile has no intention of permanently fixing the problem because they don’t want you rooting your phone or using an alternate ROM. If you keep trying to update from an unsupported ROM to a newer stock ROM you will keep having the same problem over and over again and you will become T-Mobile’s biggest cash cow.

  • smthngSpacial

    Apparently the J16 update also brought with it Samsung’s Media Hub as my Vibrant’s Media Hub is now active!

  • Zlurpo

    My GPS still doesn’t do squat. It’s useless.

  • Bryan

    I just received this update on 10/19/10 and it fixed the GPS issues as well as added some new applications that I didn’t have before. This updated added Task Manager, Media Hub, HD Camcorder, Places and Navigation for GPS, and Latitude.

  • RaymondP

    I updated mine through Kies mini which was surprisingly easy. I like the new features but initially had problems with my GPS but after a reboot and some testing, it works fine. The compass is off, though, but no big deal. The overall workings of the phone are near what it was before I installed so many apps. The ‘Buddies Now’ app is still buggy though.