Bring On the AIR Apps and Games!

There is good news for those of you who are running Android 2.2 on your device, Adobe AIR has been released in the Android Market for your downloading pleasure!  What can you do with it?  Right now, absolutely nothing.

However, soon you will have access to a myriad number of AIR apps that are bound to be launched in the near future for the Android platform.  Developers using AIR will be able to build cross platform applications that behave like native apps on each of the different OS’s out there.  In layman’s terms, they can write their code once, and by making some small tweaks for each operating system, will be able to re-use their code over and over instead of writing completely new apps for different platforms.

Where this is especially exciting is in the world of the higher end Android tablets.  We saw the Galaxy Tab’s capabilities for runing AIR apps, which are going to shine with the added real estate of tablet screens.

Stay tuned as we keep our ear’s to the ground eagerly awaiting the coming apps!

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  1. Mike
    October 11, 10:46 Reply

    It’s a memory hog, which makes it pretty much unusuable on my Droid. It is too bad too, because I am a Flex/Flash/ActionScript developer. I believe the grand total of the Flash Player and Air is about 30mbs? Unless they can let people move it to the SD card, I probably won’t be able to use it until I upgrade my phone to one with a lot more internal memory.

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