Myxer Gives Android Users More Music Choices

One of the advantages to using an Android handset is the ability to pick and choose which vendors to buy content from, and that is a mighty advantage indeed!  It is nice to be able to browse multiple catalogs and pick the best items that have the most value.

In that vein, there is a new music store app that is available for download to use on your Android handset called Myxer. 

Myxer is a web app that connects you to their catalog of about 2 million mp3 tracks and albums from 3 of the major publishers in the U.S., Myxer is seeking to bring iTunes like selection to the Android masses.

You can find a QR code below to try out the app, they have a bunch of free tracks in their catalog alongside the premium paid songs and albums.  Give them a try and let us know what you think.

  • Please read the comments for this app in” the market” before downloading. Most of the comments are not good.

  • Butler

    What’s the point? There’s already amazon and mewbox both of which offer more music and with google music is coming I hardly even see the point in those two. Is there really any use in any other music download app on an android phone?

  • James

    I’m waiting to see if Google music will sync the music between my phone and laptop.