T-Mobile Outs Official Specs on myTouch HD


TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile just released a fact sheet highlighting everything that will make the new myTouch HD the next hot handset from Magenta.  The fact sheet contains a lot of data that we already knew however, there were a few things that caught our eyes:

T-Mobile TV which promises live and on demand programming as well as always free content from ABC News, Fox Sports, PBS Kids, Disney, and Univision.

Media room integrates music, videos, T-Mobile TV, FM radio and Slacker internet radio in a single music player.

Preloaded games which include Rock Band.

If you want to be on the official T-Mobile myTouch HD registration bandwagon, head over to their registration pageT-Mobile is still sticking with their very vague “in time for the holidays” timeframe.

Is anybody going to wait for the HD or take the plunge with the G2? Sound off in the comments.

Image Source: TMoNews

  • dethduck

    Tmonews picked it up from AbsolutelyAndroid.com. Glad you picked up on the FM Radio, Tmonews didn’t seem to. Looking forward more and more to this phone.

    • Eric Zdankiewicz

      My apologies to AbsolutelyAndroid, I always try to source all the way back to the original, but didn’t see where TmoNews picked it up. Thanks for the clarification. I’m very excited about this device and might actually skip the G2 in favor of the myTouch HD.

      Edit: So I traced this back via my contacts on Twitter, the original source to thank is Russell Holly from thedroidguy.com who is live at CTIA in CA this week.

      • dethduck

        Oh I absolutely am skipping the G2, this is the true successor to my little red myTouch 3G that i’ve been waiting for over a year to come.

  • blah

    Why are they not mentioning the ram? I’m sure it’ll come with 512mb of ram but atleast confirm it. We don’t want to be surprised if we go buy it and it comes with 256.

    • Reap

      the 4g is reportedly supposedto come with 768 mb ram… thats whats flying around anyway

  • Andrew

    What bands is this running 3g on?? I confused.

    Oh and it says pre-installed microSD.. is that an actual card or just internal flash memory?? How much space is there for actual apps?

    • JaylanPHNX

      It’s a T-Mobile phone, so it’ll be running their bands (AWS?).

      The pre-installed microSD is just that, the SD that comes with the phone.

  • tk

    G2 for me. From now on i’m gonna go back to being a Stock Android guy, and with the myTouch name i’m guessing at worst its gonna have that AWFUL Espresso UI and at best it might just have regular Sense (still prefer Stock).

    Now if the myTouch ran stock Android, I would easily want that over any other phone. (and no I don’t want to go flash my phone and find a custom ROM that’s based on stock android…. didn’t want someone to mention that)

  • George Grant

    It will probably come just like the G2, hobbled by their automatic restore chip. 🙁

  • Sim1

    I really hope it’s not espresso. My son has the slide and that is one awful UI, though he likes it. Blah! Sense would be so much better, if they must saddle it.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    Trying to decide between two of these or leaving TMobile altogether in favor of Sprint and the HTC EVO.

  • Need A Phone

    Solid phone, T-Mobile is finally stepping up and getting better phones, but I am still waiting for the EVO stile phone, but with a better screen then the EVO. Although T-Mobile is not the largest carrier in the US, they do have a large European presence, and I would love to see them using that leverage to start getting the latest and greatest phones and stop coming in behind the other guys. I currently have the Nexus and would like to move up from there this Xmas, but the phone I buy must be the top of the line.
    4.3 inch screen with high resolution
    dual core processor
    front facing camera (supporting software must work with other phones as well as PCs (sorry IPhone)
    rear camera w/led flash
    HD video
    Internal 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, 2GB ROM (minimum, but will accept more)
    microSD Card slot, up to 32GB,
    flash capable (sorry IPhone)
    stock android 3.0 (preferably)
    greater then 3G speeds (HSPA+, LTE, WIMAX) any of the three will suit my needs for my next phone
    Tmobile I will wait for a while, as your service and pricing has suited me fine to date, but sooner or later I will have the phone that I want, hopefully it will be with you but if I have to change carriers to get what I want then so be it.

  • @Need A Phone

    Which phone has dual core processor that is on the market?