T-Mobile’s Prepaid Data Plans Sneak Out

Our European readers are already accustomed to having data available on a prepaid basis, and although not competitively priced for the European counterparts, T-Mobile is getting ready to roll-out prepaid data plans.

According to engadget, T-Mobile is going to offer the prepaid data in tiers.  A cool $10 gets you 100MB of data or a weeks’ access, whichever comes first, $30 gets you 300MB or a a month’s worth of access, while $50 nets you 1GB or 30 days. As you can see from the pricing sheet here, they are not exactly the greatest deals, but definitely a step in the right direction for those of us that do not want to be bothered by a contract.  Personally, I think this is the best option for travelers who need broadband on the go for a temporary time, and for those that plan on using it regularly, a post-pay is best.  Just my opinion, what do you think?

  • looks a lot like VZW’s prepaid mobile broadband.

  • Davest

    $30 gets you “a month’s worth” of access, while $50 gets you “30 days”? I think I’ll stick with the $30 plan…

    • 30 days or 300mb, whichever you hit first.

      Personally, I could go through that in half a day.
      These prices are ridiculous.

  • :-/ I go through 1 GB a week. Droid X

  • Makoun

    I don’t know it seems to be a good step but what is the point of prepaid? to spend/pay less therefore affordable, right? So the unlimited talk+text on prepaid is 50$ not bad at all but adding 30$ for data a month? LOL why not get a contract where you’ll pay that same exact 80$ for a month? nevertheless they’re trying which is more than enough.