New Verizon Droid Commercial Features Lookout Security App


Mobile security has been one of the hot topics at CTIA this year, according to the people we have talked with attending the event.  This makes sense as more and more people are using their handsets for their computing needs when they are on the go.

One of the interesting apps that has been brought to our attention is Lookout, allowing you to secure and backup your handset on the go.  The above video is the latest Verizon Droid commercial which highlights Lookout specifically as an app of choice to protect your handset.

After downloading this app to my Vibrant, I have to admit that I pleased and surprised that this is a totally free app.  Granted I have only used it for an hour or so, but there are no hidden fees or signups asking for my credit card as of yet.  The app claims to scan for viruses or spyware, allow you to locate your handset if lost, and backup all your data as well.  Testing out the locate feature of the app was pretty funny, because you can make your phone “scream” so you can find it.  The scream is a LOUD siren that will help you locate the handset pretty easy if you are in the area.  As well as the audio scream, you can locate your handset using the GPS in your phone, which is triggered from a web app at

Give the app a look, it’s free so it won’t cost you anything but time!

  • DaveC

    Nice timing! A coworker told me about this three hours ago and it’s already installed. He said that the backup option was a real battery hog so I left that off.

  • Davest

    Something tells me that the developer whose reputation Lookout wrecked to create false security FUD (and, by result, a demand for their product) won’t be installing this app. And I won’t be either.

  • I’ve actually needed the Siren. I generally keep my volume low and lost my phone. I used the siren to help me find it (it was at home). The nice thing is the phone locks so the siren can’t be turned off (unless the phone is shut off) if it gets stolen or something. I’m very happy with Lookout, even though I don’t use the backup feature.

  • Don’t fall for this FUD. Lookout is buggy and will just hog your battery and crash your phone. And what benefit? There are no viruses or malware on Android. These guys are scam artists.

  • JoeB

    Elon you need to keep up. There has been a confirmed virus for android. Do a search for


    The door has been opened.

  • BrianS

    to the dude that says there is no viruses on Android, you must be way behind and also install apps not reading what they can access. Most of the android apps are third party created. How do you know that someone doesn’t embed a virus code with their app?? I sure wouldn’t want to take my chances. I have it running on my moment for 4 days now since I first saw the ad, and I haven’t had any performance issues at all. the locator and siren work great. I don’t run the backup option anymore, because I have nothing really to backup, but I initially had it running and It didn’t impact my battery any different to what is was prior to installing the app.

  • hillmiw

    had this app on my blackb curve 8520 for about 2 months worked great!did not hog the battery at all, but this morning i received an update notification and updated it through blackb apps when i restarted the phone just hangs at the promted where you need to grant access to outlook mobile security. any one else got this? im trying to revive the phone cant connect to desktop software and n reset(double) doesnt do anything.

    any help?