T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab Price Gets Outed – $400 with Contract

As we draw toward the end of the year we are expecting each of the top four providers to announce official pricing and release dates.  We’ve heard whispers of Sprint‘s launch, but for the most part, we’re still waiting on everyone.  Thanks to a leaked internal T-Mobile document, we might have an idea where the prices will fall.  According to TmoNews, customers can look forward to roughly $400 with a two year contract, $650 without. 

One of the documents show how the Tab stacks up against the iPad with a heavy skew towards the Samsung advantages.  Say what you will about Apple, but the 10-inch screen and 250,000 app library are going to get more traction than whatever T-Mobile will advertise the Tab with.  Apple isn’t going to sit by and watch Android come after their tablet – they are going to combat it with slick marketing and a presumed improved followup in the spring.

Personally, I would not be quick to jump into a long term relationship with a tablet just yet.  This space is just getting started and it will evolve very quickly over the next six months.  On one hand, the Samsung device is among the best on the market when compared to what seems like a trillion upstart competitors.  On the other hand, we have not seen anything from Motorola or HTC yet.  That’s when things will get interesting – big names fighting in tablets as they are today with Android phones.  Still, if this is where tablets begin, imagine where they will be this time next year!

  • MarkByrn

    $400 with a two year contract – fail.

  • Guags

    I agree that the price will doom this offering. $400 without a contract would be OK… but $650?! Besides, who needs 3G on a tab when you have tethering?

    • Beto

      Dude, phones are $400-$600 without a contract. Why would they offer a TABLET so cheap? Doesn’t make sense.

      • BogartOfElCajon

        Dude, what else can that stupidly price tablet offer other than bigger screen?

  • #fail 400bucks for a tmobile anything….

  • I also agree… these tablets should cost no more than a netbook. I would be all over this at $200 with the contract, maybe $300 without, but $400? Sorry, I’ll wait and see what else comes out in the next few months.

    • BTW, I already have a hacked Pandigital Novel that I got for a little over $100 a couple of months back, to satisfy my craving for an Android tablet. It’s a fun toy… got the white one, don’t think the black one is hackable, and the white has more RAM. 🙂

  • Beto

    I just need WiFi on that bitch. I have a Nexus One that gives me FREE WiFi Hotspot.

    • Peter

      Wifi only Galaxy Tab coming out in the future. Its already been confirmed.

  • gad

    I just laugh……

  • Dragonthe

    I think if i really want a tablet, i just get a archos 70 or 101.
    because a tablet is just a nice device to surf the web and play some movies.
    And it’s $200, that’s HALF of what the tab is with a contract, sorry, but it aint worth that!

    • Jennette

      I agree…that’s exactly what I’m getting both the kids for X-mas…..remember when the galaxy was first announced? It was stated that it would run for around $250.00….was supposed to blow the Ipad out of the water price wise….but with the contract, your right back there!!!

  • As stated above 400-600 off contract is normal for a phone so why would 4x the screen real estate be cheaper… as for contracts? go buy the rocketfish tablet or any of the chinese ones… what do the ALL lack… Android Market… WHY? No 3G Radio… mark my words you will not see wifi only tablets until after honeycomb hits… so be prepared to wait people… Is that a good thing? IMO it does NOTHING but hurt Android but thats how it is people!

    • Dan F.

      Because even at 4x the screen size, it doesn’t make phone calls. Compared to my laptop, this thing is just a toy, but the same price – and as I already have an Android phone and a computer, the price point does not make it worth getting.

  • Pax

    Sammy oh Sammy, what a stupid whatever you are. You are just pulling me away from Android and throwing me right into the hands of idiot SJob. No way, I will pay that much for your Tab…Never Ever.

  • Michal

    It’s more expensive than a netbook. It’s more expensive than an ipad. Hopefully some cheaper ones will come out.

  • Slipped it in

    Samsung’s specs state that the Tab with Wi-Fi+3G has 32GB of built in memory. This article says the Tab costs $650 without a contract. Apple’s website says the iPad with Wi-Fi+3G and 32GB of built in memory costs $729. Why are any of you complaining about the Tab’s price?

  • Tim

    This price is too much. I think I would like to share the data plan I already have on my phone with this device and have one bill from T-mobile.