Best Buy “Exploring Concept” of an Android App Store

By the time you finish reading this post, another three or four players will have entered the Android app store market.  At least that it how it seems of late.  The most recent big name company whispered in the same sentence as Android apps – Best Buy.   The retail giant’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Dunn, was quoted last week as considering building an application store for Android.  In response to a question about Amazon getting involved in the space, Dunn said ,”We are exploring this concept at this very early stage, but we have no concrete plans at this time. Google, though, is an obvious partner.”

What do you guys think of all of these Android Market alternatives springing up?  Does it clutter things to the point of confusion or is it good for the platform?

Source: FierceDeveloper

  • Darkseider

    The more the merrier! Each market will offer some sort of incentives and there will be some exclusive apps to each market. This will then get other markets and devs to become more creative and competitive. WOOHOO!!

  • Zero

    The more the better. its simple

  • dinero

    I’m not sure I agree that more is better.

    First of all, as a dev, I don’t really welcome the extra work of having apps in multiple markets. I also think it may confuse customers and perhaps scare them away to a simpler platform – you know, one that is very good at advertising, for example.

    While I understand the concept of competition moving things forward, there would definitely be some up-side to having one market that is easily accessible to all customers; one market that does everything and does it well.

    • Cosmic

      Its so scary when there are choices. There are 6 different grocery store chains in my area and it scares me so much to look at what each has to offer and decide which items I’m going to get from which store. It would be so much better if there was only one of them so they could jack up the prices and wouldn’t be motivated to offer new items or provide good customer care. /sarcasm

      I don’t know when choice became such a bad thing. Based on market share its likely you run a windows machine(if not, please still read on). Did not having a single area for people to download programs kill windows? Obviously not. Windows has websites all about a single program or a single line up of programs, large reliable ones with a wide variety(such as cnet), and an official one from microsoft. What happened from all these sites going up? Each site wanted to one up the next one so they pushed to have the best programs.

      The same thing will happen with android although google has talked about creating a single “portal” that would show all the apps from all the different markets so I guess the choice scare won’t happen either.

  • @dinero, i’m with you. as long as all apps are in the official market, i welcome other markets to create their own positive aspects. For example, AppBrains web install & comprehensive reviews/comments/descriptions

  • Calbo

    I want android to succeed so bad. But this seems like such a repeat of the Linux mainstream failure. Too many, too confusing, and too fragmented. So what did the masses do? They picked a much less secure and inferior product. “windows”. Apple will dominate in this feel b/c they have learned how to serve the masses and not just the “tech geek” who wants to tinker with everything. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there are not enough of them to make this approach a mainstream success.

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