Sony Google TV is NOT as expensive as thought

It seems that SonyInsider has found out that the new NSX-46GT1 (46′) will cost only $1399, instead of the initially reported $1899.  Set to be released tomorrow (October 12th) in New York, many people have high hopes for Google TV and Android.  Now that it’s about $500 less, who’s running out to grab one of the first?  What are you looking forward to the most?  Or are you waiting for another player (Samsung) to get involved?  Maybe you’re a Logitech Revue guy…  Leave a comment below!

  • The Logitech Revue is priced to flop. I hope Sony releases a more reasonable set top box so I can afford Google TV in more than just my living room. I can’t believe they’re making an Apple product look cheap!

  • Richard

    Already have a TV. Was gonna look at getting a revue but Logitech blew it with the price. Now I’m just gonna wait and see what else comes out or buy the revue when the price drops after they realize they screwed up

  • 46 foot TV? (I think you mean 46″ not 46′)


  • Mark

    Sony = Crap = Epic Fail for initial round.

  • Jay

    Combine Google TV with Android and 3D and we have a winner. Only hope that Sony has designed a descent controller to control this sophisticated media and data delivery system.

  • Dan

    Who cares about the controller, so long as there is a good android app that doesnt matter. Point in hand, I would never buy a sony TV even if it was the only way to get google TV. 1. Panasonic all the way and 2. Samsung if that was the only other choice.

    I wish Panasonic would wake up and get on board